Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Doggie Dining

They call Venice, FL a dog lover's dream...almost.
For all of its doggie charms - a "paw" park and dog beach - there is no doggie dining.
Say it ain't so!
What kind of world are we living in when dogs can frolic in the sand and not dine at sea side cafes? This is modern day discrimination. My goodness, we carry our dogs in purses but can't bring them out to eat with us? This is like a wedding where there are no kids allowed. Where is the humanity?
Dog lovers are uniting in Venice. They want their dogs at dinner.
Dog is man's best friend, remember? What kind of best friend doesn't do dinner out on the town? A lame one. Or one that is banned from the restaurant. If a human best friend were banned from a restaurant we would call them a rebel (apparently they must have behaved naughty in the past and been caught red handed) but when our dog best friend is banned we call it speciesism. Google it - I'm not making it up. I assume the man who came up with this "one species is superior to another" discrimination was a dog lover. I have no proof to back this up, just a sneaking suspicion.
Well, miracle of miracles, Venice is about to change its laws thanks to some dog lovers on the city's council. About time!
Baby Bjorn is already on the dog band wagon. Italian leather purse companies sell a stunning carrier for your pooch for a mere $513.20 (on sale!).
Venice is totally in the stone ages.
So, I was thinking I could help Venice step up its game and really show the people of Florida that it loves dogs. They could pave the way for the way dogs dine state, nation and world wide.
Doggie high chair.
This is not a revolutionary idea. You can purchase a dog high chair without much trouble. Fifty dollars will get your dog up to the table and in the dining action.
But why go cheap on Fido?
Go big or go home.
I say that all Venice restaurants should invest in Rockstar Puppy's High Chair. Show the dogs the love. Overcompensate for the years of injustice.
Ignore the dollar amount stamped on your bill.... $900.... each.
Who can put a price on companionship in style?
This is my marketing strategy for the city of Venice and its puppy prejudice problem. I sure do hope they will consider this sound advice. It would really help their image.
Maybe I should bring this to their city council. I have a feeling they'd go for it.

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