Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Who says miracles don't happen anymore?
Some people say miracles only happened in Biblical times. Still others argue luck and coincidence are to thank for the unexplainable. But I disagree with both parties. Miracles happen - everyday.
God hasn't gone silent.
This morning I was watching the news. I try not to be hooked on the news but it is a losing battle. When I am disconnected from the outside world for too long I grow curious as to what is happening beyond my four walls. This morning I was doing my normal channel switch between Fox News and NBC. Fox News is where I get my hard news and NBC provides fluff and human interest.
This morning it wasn't fluff that grabbed my attention. It was a miracle beyond comprehension.
A mother and her two daughters were driving on Highway 101 in California when a semi rear ended them while the vehicles were traveling over a bridge. The semi plunged 100 feet down off the bridge, where it exploded - tires popping in the blaze. The BMW holding the mother and her daughters caught onto the walls of the bridge, mangled and hanging by a thread. The metal was so distorted and twisted that it didn't even resemble any form of transportation let alone a luxury sedan.
But something amazing was happening. To start, all three inside the car were alive. In fact, the mother was conscience during the entire ordeal. She could feel the heat of the exploding truck below and was able to touch the head of her youngest daughter, a tenth month old baby. Their survival was a miracle!
But they weren't out of the woods yet. Any attempt for rescuers to move the car could be disastrous. They were teetering on the edge of life and death. Even the most skilled of firefighters would have been in over their heads. One wrong move could have sent the three plunging to a fate mimicking the semi driver.
And that is where God made a grand entrance. He came in the form of the Navy Seabees.
The Navy had been just miles away in training before setting out on their own trip down the 101. Just like hundreds of other drivers, they were stuck in the traffic created by the accident rescue efforts. At first they thought they may be able to help direct traffic, so they offered their services. Upon further inspection they realized they were sent for a far greater purpose.
The Seabees just happened to have a forklift capable of lifting 11,000 lbs. Coincidence? I think not.
This was a modern day miracle.
Without such a rare piece of equipment the car couldn't be stabilized and the Jaws of Life couldn't be used to save the girls inside. With the forklift the car would be held still and safely on the bridge while rescue crews could do whatever it took to break the girls free.
So the Navy and the firefighters joined forces and went to work. 
First, the ten year old daughter was removed. She was injured but would recover. Then the ten month old who, miraculously, barely even had a scratch on her little body. And lastly, their mother was lifted to safety. She had broken bones but she too would heal.
They all were alive.
Looking at the pictures of this gruesome accident it is hard to deny that miracles happen. God weaves together the right people, the right equipment and the right timing to make for wonders unfathomable to our own limited human comprehension. Engineers might not be able to explain how the bridge held that car by a thread the way it did. Rescuers might not be able to explain how all three girls weren't killed by the impact inflicted by the trucks initial hit.
But someone else can.
God. It is in the unexplainable moments that He can show His power.
1 Corinthians 1 tells us that God uses the foolish things of this world to shame the wise.
His specialty is the unexplainable. The miraculous is another way God connects with this people that He loves and longs to be in a relationship with.
There is a take away in this story for everyone, whether or not you ever drive on Highway 101 in heavy traffic with a semi on your tail. Everyone will have a Highway 101 in their life, in some form or another. Maybe it is a health problem, a broken relationship, a lost loved one or a lost job. Devastation comes in a million and one disguises. It can leave your life looking so mangled and destroyed that it is barely recognizable, even to you.
This is where God really gets to work - if we let Him. He will use the lowly things, the things that "are not" to nullify the things that are. He will get us where He wants us by tearing apart the things that are holding us back from achieving His master plan.
He will work a miracle in the midst of rubble.
No matter where you are in your life and how ugly and disfigured it may appear, it can have a happy ending of God's amazing grace and power.
It, too, can be a miracle.

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