Friday, May 11, 2012

Morning Glory

There is an undeniable peace and tranquility found only in the early morning hours, before the moon has disappeared into the distance and the sun has made its grand entrance. It is in this precious hour that I find an unparalleled solitude that clears the mind and renews the spirit.
Each morning I rise early to the sound of chirping birds and the occasional scurrying nocturnal neighbor of the animal genus. I love this time of the morning. There is rarely ever the sound of a car, thumping music or slamming door. Nature is starring in the show and humans haven't yet taken center stage. This time focuses solely on God's creation. And what a beautiful creation it is.
Each morning is my little reminder that God has a magnificent imagination. He made a world marked by order. The dance of the sun and moon each morning is perfect evidence. You never have to wonder if the moon will slip out of sight. You never have to fear that the sun won't rise with might and power. God shines on us each morning, reminding us that he has almighty control and that he is present and consistent.
He reminds us of his staying power by the song of the birds. Each morning the birds are out in all their splendor, singing the most glorious of tunes. I wish I knew what they were saying. I imagine they are praising and thanking God for the beauty of the earth. They are singing of the joy found in a new morning. They remind me that I, too, am to sing a song of exultation in the morning.
No matter what happened the day prior or what lies ahead, God has given us this morning. He has provided another rising sun and another chorus of singing birds. He has sent the dew to the fields of grass in my neighborhood and in yours, too. He has sent some critters off to sleep and made others to rise with the light. He did all of this yesterday and he'll do it again tomorrow. He has remained faithful.
Until I brought Pippy into my life I never knew there was so much to be learned between the hours of six and seven AM. I knew that the early bird gets the worm, but that little phrase doesn't capture the true gift for the early riser. The true gift is a wink from God - a little reminder that he isn't going anywhere.
On one hand I want to wake up the neighborhood and show them what they are missing. But this would take away from the solitude that makes it so special. These morning moments are unique to Pippy and I - and to any other dog owner who doesn't want their puppy having an accident on the living room rug. Maybe some people would find it a bother that they are up and out of the house long before their internal clock is ready. But they don't know what they're missing out on.
If you look beyond the time on the clock, you'll see that God is waving at you. He is saying "Good morning." He is smiling down on your day, before anyone else has a chance to give it a frown. He is reminding you that today is a day of his making and is under his divine control. So, relax and enjoy a day orchestrated by the master creator and loving father God.

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