Saturday, April 29, 2017

Wormy Behavior

Something strange appears every time it rains.
The slimy, slippery, earth dwellers can be seen crawling along the pavement at the first sign of a shower. Worms must have precipitation radar. The moment a sprinkle is in the air, the worms break free from their dirt abodes to slither across roads and sidewalks.
This worm phenomenon is nothing new. As far back as I can remember, I can remember worms and their rain appearances. I've just accepted that dancing, or more appropriately slithering, in the rain is what worms do. I've never stopped to ask myself, and the worms, why?
Until today.
Today when it rained and the worms came up out of the soil and made their way onto my sidewalk I questioned their presence as I carefully avoided crushing their delicate frames under my not so delicate foot. Why are you here? I said silently to the worms. How is it that all of you and your worm friends know that coming out to slither in the rain is the wormy thing to do? 
As you might expect, not a single worm replied. Worms, by nature, are tremendously quiet.
Since the worms weren't providing me the answers I desired I dove into my own research and soon discovered that worms come out in the rain as a mode of transportation. With the pavement wet and slick, the slippery body of the worm can travel effortlessly over land. Without the rain the worm can't move to new places because their very survival is dependent on moisture. If the air is dry the worms must stay underground, protected by the wet, damp soil. Only when it rains can worms safely surface from their hiding place and travel to new territory.
Worms are free to come out when it rains just like my faith comes out when it storms.
The behavior of worms, as odd as it has always appeared to me, isn't all that strange. God has designed all kinds of rains to fulfill His purposes. He allows the worms to use the rain for their travel. He protects them with the moisture. He mobilizes them with puddles and showers.
With His children, God uses storms to mobilize faith. He lets thunder and lightening stir trust deep within the soul. God allows drenching, soaking rains to flood the gates of peace that would otherwise be dry.
God purposely uses the storms of life to produce faith. He brings it to the surface when it rains and puts it into action. It is in the storms that are faith is purified and made perfect. It is under the canopy of clouds and the rinsing of rain that our faith is cleansed and made pure.
Storms are not God's curse. They are His blessing - for worms and humans alike.
Because worms come out when it rains and faith comes out when it storms, I can boldly request that God bring on the rain.

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