Saturday, April 22, 2017

Praying for ink

I am a pen in the hand of God. My life is His instrument, used to compose His promises. My heart is a canvas for Him to write His truth. God has given me life and breath for this very purpose: to make a mark of magnification on this world that will bring Him glory and honor.

...But what if this pen dries up?...What if the ink of illumination and inspiration runs out?... What if God doesn't pick up my life to be used as His writing instrument?... What if He leaves the pen of my heart sitting on His desk?...

Inside my anxious soul I worry. Without God's indwelling in my very thoughts, giving life to my words I will have nothing to say, not a syllable to share.
Without God I am an ink-less pen. Without the Holy Spirit I cannot write. Without Christ living inside of me and breathing His truth into my spirit I empty and dry. I offer His paper nothing without the presence of His Holy Spirit residing in my heart.
I need God to take up my spirit into His hands and give it meaning and purpose. I need The Almighty Lord to take my emptiness and fill it with His life.
I can't do it on my own. I can't even write veined attempts at encouragement without His presence in my pen. Without the Spirit of God taking over I can't put a word to paper that will bring His eternal throne glory and honor. I cannot magnify God without being moved by the Holy Spirit living inside of me.

So I'm asking God to renew His Spirit in me. I need an infusion of His Holy ink. I am drying up; I can feel it. The words that used to flow like a flood have dried up to a trickle. The pen that used to pour out words is only making faint marks and vague scribbles.
I need the Spirit to infuse the pen of my life with abundant life.
I need Holy ink that won't ever go dry.
I need Christ to take my heart and use it to write the timeless story of His saving grace.
I need God to pick me up off of His desk and restore to me His purpose for my life.
I cannot make myself a useful instrument for God by my own will and works. I cannot fill my own pen with ink. Only God has the capacity to make me full of His Spirit and all He requires that I ask Him. And so I will ask. Over and over again I will ask.

God, don't let this pen go dry. Pour into me Your endless, abundant ink in order that I may pour it out onto this world for the glory and honor of your Almighty name.

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