Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring Again

The seasons amaze me. I know it seems like a silly thing to find amazing, but, to me, seasons are awe inspiring... the predictability of seasons, one always following another in seamless succession; the uniqueness of each season, no two the same. The differences reveal themselves in the budding flowers of spring, the brilliant orange leaves of fall, the sun's hot rays in the summer and winter's blankets of gleaming white snow. Every season is its own wonder to behold, amazing in its own special way.
Today as I walked in the great outdoors after a long winter of bitter cold and blowing winds I breathed in a new scent and took in a new scene. I breathed in spring. Despite the fact that I've experienced the newness of spring twenty six time before, every year this beautiful season catches me by surprise - by sweet surprise.
It always seems that the earth's transformation from winter to spring happens overnight. One day I wake up and immediately pull on warm socks and the next day I'm strutting around shoe less and fancy free. Spring enters swiftly. Closed windows open wide. Low hanging clouds disappear into a distant memory. Spring makes its grand entrance in flower beds and on the tips of tree. This glorious season arrives in the bright sun and sings its hello from the beaks of birds back from their musical hiatus.
I love spring. I love it for the thawing out of cold hands and frozen feet. I love spring for the blue sky and the green grass. I love spring for its perfect walking weather and soothing rain showers. But, most of all, I love spring because it is my yearly reminder that God is not done making all things new.
When spring comes and the flowers break through the barren earth, on their petals God writes me love notes. As the flowers bloom His message and promise to faithfully restore, renew and redeem is revealed. No matter how harsh the winter that preceded it, the budding blossoms, and the glorious message they bring, always return. God always remains true to His promise to revitalize the earth with new life after every cold, hard winter.
Come spring I am reminded that God is true to His word. Just like He brings new life to the earth, He brings new life to my barren heart.
No matter how harsh my soul's winter and how low my spiritual temperature falls, God can bring me back to life. He can make me bloom again. God can bring the birds of peace and praise back into my empty heart and fill me with songs of His glory.
My winter can be long, indeed it has been long, but spring will come. I know it will because it always does. It has for twenty six years.
This week is my birthday. I will be twenty seven. In many ways my life has been in a long winter. I've been sick for seven years now and this inner winter has felt like it will never end. But I have faith and hope in God's promise that assures me this winter will end. My spring of health and vitality will bud and bloom again.
On the petals of spring, written in the flowers, I see God's promise penned for me... "You, my dear, will spring again."

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