Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Welcome to a whole new world

The departure occurred so rapidly I didn't even have time to say goodbye. Not that a formal goodbye was in order. Time Warner Cable and I didn't have that kind of sentimental relationship. Ours was more of a customer service complaint and bill pay type of relationship - if there is such a thing.
But now our relationship is over. Caput. One day I turned on the TV and hear a smooth radio voice tell me that Time Warner was now Spectrum. The smooth voice assured me that I need not fear the continuation of my cable and internet service. The transfer to Spectrum would be seamless.
And just like Time Warner Cable trucks vanished from the streets, replaced by utility vans bearing a whole new name. The old internet site I once visited to pay my bill simply disappeared into the world wide web history books. The number I once dialed to connect to my Time Warner Cable customer service representative redirected me to a menu that had certainly changed.
Welcome to the whole new world of Spectrum.
Isn't it stunning how quickly the world as we know it can be transformed? Change can occur so quickly that, in TV land, Time Warner Cable can be provide the morning news and by lunch, Spectrum can take over.
And to think, that's what limited man can do with cable and internet. Can you just imagine what the almighty, all powerful God can do in the human heart and  the lives of His followers?
Friends, I am here to tell you that we need not imagine the drastic, dramatic and amazing works of transformation God can accomplish because we can actually be that drastic, dramatic and amazing work of transformation. God's marvelous work of change can be implemented with such swiftness that old self won't even have time to say goodbye. He can and will work that quickly if we allow Him to have control.
God's desire is to perform works of soul transfiguration in you and I in order that we can be made into the image of Christ. When we give up the rights we have to ourselves, God takes ownership and possession of our lives - body, heart and soul. He wipes off our old name, cleanses us of our sins, and imprint us with the mark of His Son. He changes us from the inside out, transformed into beauties of His glory with such superior quality and service that we are fit for Heaven.
God can transform you and I as quickly as Spectrum took over Time Warner Cable. The world won't have time to say goodbye but assure them they need not worry because the new self - the self made new in Christ - will be much better than the old self could ever be. The service will be better. The quality will be unparalleled. And a new name, God's name, will be on the top of the bill. 
Welcome to God's whole new world surrendered and saved in Christ.

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