Thursday, April 13, 2017

Just the Savior I need

As I made my way down the elevator, through the tiled hallway and into the bright and inviting lobby I was met with a familiar, friendly aroma.
I hadn't been thinking about my favorite warm caffeinated beverage at six in the evening but the twenty four seven, freshly brewed pot in the hotel lobby beckoned me to come and fill up. So I did. The coffee was so hot I could barely pick up the insulated cup with my bare hands. Spotting a handy cardboard sleeve I reached for it, slipped it on my steaming cup and went on my way.
With the uneventful coffee fill up complete I continued on my intended journey out of the sliding glass doors and into the car. It wasn't until I was in the car, miles down the road and halfway through my coffee that I looked at the words imprinted on the hotel's complimentary cup sleeve. "COFFEE" it said in big bold letters, "just the thing you need." In that one simple, short statement I was overwhelmed by significance. The words were meant to be quirky and cute, the kind of statement that brings a faint smile to the face of the coffee sippers. But for this particular coffee drinker the words on the sleeve and the message they delivered were transformed before my very eyes, in my very hand.
When I looked at the cup, instead of seeing the word "COFFEE" I read the word "CHRIST." Instead of thinking about java and liquid energy, I saw visions of salvation and eternal life. From the cup that filled my car with the scent of freshly roasted beans I inhaled the aroma of grace and redemption.

Coffee, no matter how caffeine rich and invigorating, is not what I truly need. Even the best cup of coffee will only provide me temporary energy and life. Sooner or later the boost wanes and I end up back in the hotel lobby for another cup of "just what I need."
But Jesus gives me just what I need for eternity. The life-giving, soul-enriching, body-energizing life He gives doesn't need to be refilled. Jesus' salvation is sustaining, bought and paid for once and for all. On the cross, in His death and resurrection, Jesus Christ filled my cup with never ending life so that I would never have to fill it again. Jesus purchased for me just what I need all that I need. He  filled my cup, my life and my soul, to the overflowing. He provided me the sleeve of His mercy and gift of His abundant grace.

I like coffee, I may even go as far as to say I love coffee, but it isn't what I need, despite what the sleeve on my cup tells me. The perfect Son of God is truly all I will ever need. He is the infusion of eternal life that gives me everlasting vitality of the heart that does not crash and does not disappoint. Jesus Christ, He is just the Savior I need for now and for eternity.

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