Sunday, April 23, 2017

Part 2: Goose on the road

My second goose encounter occurred as I maneuvered my car up the exit ramp, off of one interstate and onto another four lane divided highway. I merged into the right lane and slowed down just enough to successfully navigate the slight curve ahead. I was traveling on a familiar stretch of road that is always well trafficked, especially at noon as it was on this fateful goose day.
As I rounded the curve I instinctively glanced to my left to check my blind spot in preparation for the upcoming merge but as my eyes glanced out my window something caught my eye. Rather, some bird caught my eye. Standing in the patch of grass between my incoming lane and the two interstate lanes I was about to meet there stood, stock still as a statue, seemingly oblivious to the busyness and danger whizzing past her, an enormous goose.
Interestingly enough this is the very same highway that just a few weeks earlier and a few miles up the road, I witnessed my first goose. That particular goose, possibly the very same silly goose, was attempting to actually cross the the interstate highway at three on a Saturday afternoon when the traffic was steady and heavy. That goose was nearly hit countless times in the short minute I witnessed its journey but miraculously made it to the shoulder on the road without harm.
Now the goose was back.
Watching this particular goose was different from the first. Goose number two wasn't trying to cross the interstate highway but, given her position between lanes of traffic, had already successfully dodged danger and made it to her safe spot on the grass. I missed that part of the goose's adventure. All I saw was a goose at peace and blissful rest. 
As God so often does in my animal encounters, He used that goose on the road to teach me a lesson. This particular goose on the road taught me about risk and rest God's way. God showed me that in order for the goose to get to its patch of peaceful rest it had to take a risk and cross the road. It had to face danger and dodge traffic.
But the goose took the risk and enjoyed rest on the other side. The goose made the journey, took the step of faith to cross the road, and was rewarded with a lush patch of soft green grass. God protected the goose as she traveled the pavement, carried her over the troubled highway and delivered her to a place of safety.
And so it is with me.
As I step out in faith and walk on God's path He protects me even when faced with the dangers of disappointments and defeat. When I am on the journey with God as my guide He will carry me through my troubles of illness, confusion and pain. He is able to see me through every situation and protect me on every road.
There have been times and trials in my life when I have looked more like the first goose on the highway than the second. I've dodged speedy semis that have been powered by hopelessness and escaped becoming the road kill of anxiety and worry. My spirit has taken journeys that have felt more dangerous than divine yet God has been there with me all the while. He never abandoned this goose on the road and He never will.
The second goose on the highway taught me that when I trust God and walk faithfully on His path He will set my feet on the glorious grass of His peace and rest.

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