Saturday, March 18, 2017

The goose on the road

From the driver's seat of my car, traveling at a quick seventy mile an hour clip, my eyes took in an unlikely sight. A goose crossing the interstate highway. The goose was traveling solo and headed right for my lane. She slowly waddled and wobbled across the first lane of highway, dodging the busy Saturday afternoon traffic. She barely escaped the grill of the Dodge Ram dully truck speedy ahead of me. I watched as cars swerved violently to avoid a feathery crash.
Meanwhile, the goose seemed to be absolutely oblivious. She swayed back and forth, pausing mid-lane. She took a few steps forward then a few steps back. It was as if this silly goose wasn't even sure it wanted to cross the road. Her pace was entirely noncommittal. And although I assume she could fly, her wings showed no signs of an impending flight. She just shuffled along, halting here and there, causing dozens of near accidents.
When it was my turn to play Dodge Em' with the goose I let my foot off the gas, checked my rear and side mirrors, then performed the driving equivalent of a bob and weave. Success. I missed the goose who was still lingering on the dotted line of the northbound lanes.
Intrigued by the goose's journey, and hoping her trek wouldn't end in tragedy, I slowed down and watched from my rear view mirror as a dozen cars, trucks and vans entered onto the highway. In the flurry of motorized vehicle activity I was sure the goose was toast. For a moment or two I couldn't see her at all.
But then a miracle. Out of the zooming and speedy cars the goose appeared, not in the air and not in the grill of a truck, but on the shoulder of the highway, upright and unharmed. She was still waddling and still oblivious. The goose emerged victorious from the traffic and onto the safety of the highways brim without a single feather out of place.
This silly, some might say stupid, goose who had no concern for the dangerous traffic and no understanding of the doom of walking on the interstate highway, stepped off the pavement and into safety, completely unharmed and entirely unfazed. The goose played a real life round of Dodge Em' and won! She survived a miracle and she didn't even know it.
With the goose out of danger and safely on her way to her next death-defying adventure I couldn't help but laugh at the irony of her journey and the amazing similarity it has to my own. Although I've never tried to cross the interstate on foot and I've never waddled (at least I don't think), I too have traveled through life in imminent danger without knowing it.
As I watched the goose in my rear view mirror I saw in my own past the death-defying journey traveled in complete oblivion, unaware of the risk. I tried to walk through life outside of God's will. I stepped off His path and immediately entered an interstate highway with evil threats and doom speeding at me with all of the force of a Hemi engine.
And there I was, as ignorant as the goose on the interstate. Without a care in the world or a thought of God, I traveled alone, pausing here and there, indifferent to the danger swerving and zooming all around me.
But that's when a miracle occurred. The miracle occurred.
My salvation.
It was while I was standing in the middle of the highway with death and destruction hurtling towards me that Christ rescued me. He swept in and saved me. The dangers were coming fast and the traffic was overtaking me but Jesus provided me a way out. He carried me to the shoulder of the road. He won for me the ultimate game of Dodge Em'.
The goose on the highway eventually faded out of my sight but her waddle hasn't left my mind's eye. I am that goose. I have been rescued, saved and redeemed. I have been given another chance at life. I have been given the amazing, miraculous opportunity to take another adventure and see another day.
And this time I'm taking a different journey. On this adventure I'm staying on God's path and off of the world's highway. From now on I'm fleeing from the danger of the interstate and staying beside my Savior because I know He can keep me, and the goose, eternally and everlastingly safe and sound. 

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