Friday, March 31, 2017

A shipwrecked prayer

God, I want to be a ship wrecked for your purposes.
The cry of my heart is to be driven into the bottom of your sea of grace so that my life may reveal eternal treasures. I long to let all that I am sink under the weight of who You are.
Lord, break into my life and disrupt my journey of pride and will. Crash my claim to myself into the ground of your providence. Destroy all that I am and use my shambles to reveal all that You are.  Use the wreckage of my desolation to honor Your Great Name. Transform the broken, battered, bruised pieces of my life to shine like gold for Your glory.
My Savior and My God, I surrender to the ship wrecked voyage of Your will. I give my life to be broken and beaten against the rocks of Your purposes and plans. Use me in my brokenness. Drive me hard and fast to the bottom of your sea.

God, I want to be shipwrecked for you because I see that there is no good in me. There is no value in my earthly treasures. There is no goodness in my mortal soul. There is nothing that I can offer this world that will endure the winds and storms of the ocean.
But there is everlasting life in the one true treasure, Your broken and beaten Son, Jesus Christ. In His shipwrecked body is gold that does not tarnish. In His resurrection is the only diamond that glistens with eternal brilliance.
Driven with nails and bruised by man, it was Jesus Christ who was first shipwrecked. He was ruined, utterly destroyed, for Your glory. His will, His right to Himself, His perfection was driven into the shore of Your ultimate plan of salvation.
Jesus was shipwrecked for your purposes. Jesus was shipwrecked to save me.
And now, God, all I want is to be wrecked, too. I want to follow the path of Jesus and be ruined for Your glory. I want my life to be Your treasure, driven into the ground so that the world can come discover Your riches.

God, I surrender and ask that you take over this ship. Drive it into your sea so that the world can see You, the true treasure, and praise you eternally.

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