Thursday, March 9, 2017

Heart on Fire

I'm afraid. Trust me when I tell you that I don't relish being a scardey cat. It pains me to admit to you and myself that I am terribly fearful but I can't deny the truth.
And, Lord, the truth is that I am truly afraid. Downright petrified. I am scared because I fear that the fire you've set within my heart will die out. I am afraid of losing this all-consuming passion within my heart that burns for you.
Through the heat of trials and tribulations You have shown me what it is like to be made truly alive in You. With matches shaped like struggles You've started fires of faith and hope within my heart. The embers of Your grace and peace have been stoked with the tools of hardship and suffering. I have experienced true joy, unspeakable joy, that can only be found in the heat of Your flame. You, God, have blessed my life with Your soul-burning heat, a heart-transforming inferno that consumes me with your love.
God, when I am caught up in this fire all I see is You. All I want is You. All I need is You.
But what would happen to my heart if you stopped lighting matches? What if there were no fire?
I'm afraid of what my life would be without Your mighty hand lighting glorious matches. I'm fearful that without the burning embers and roaring flames the fire in me will weaken, diminish and even go cold. I'm fearful that without the heat of trials I might fail to live in the presence of Your perfect joy and peace. I'm afraid that if you cease adding new logs to the fire in my heart the inferno won't last. I fear that I could so easily fail to faithfully fan the flames of Your Spirit in me.
Oh, Lord, please help me. Please don't let this fire within me die!
God, now that I have experienced life in the middle of Your burning bush the cold world will no longer do. The only life I long to live is the one surrounded, consumed, and overtaken by your flame. The one thing I desire is to be perpetually stoked and stirred with passion for You. My most fervent prayer is to never let the inferno of my soul lose its strength.
Lord, relieve me of my fear of a fire-less life and keep me in your heat. Fan the flames of my heart with Your Spirit that I may forever burn brightly and brilliantly for Your glory.
You, God, are my King and You alone are the reason my heart is on fire.

Your Beloved daughter,

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