Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Peep for all people

Peeps come in a variety of marshmallow-ie flavors and forms. There are Peep Chicks and Peep Bunnies. There are Peep delights, dipped in chocolate, and Peep pops, conveniently stacked on a stick. There are big Peeps and little Peeps. There are orange Peeps and blue Peeps. Sweet Peeps, sour Peeps and even sugar free Peeps - an oxymoron if there ever was one. Marshmallow lovers can have their Peep in nearly any flavor they crave and the adventurous can even bite into a gooey surprise mystery flavored Peep.
Here, there and everywhere there are marshmallow Peeps for all people. Unless you don't like marshmallows. Then you are peeping out of luck.
Now, for those who don't salivate at the thought of a corn syrup chick shaped marshmallow mess, you need not feel left out. Contrary to what you might believe, you can still enjoy a Peep - a very special Peep. The good news is this Peep doesn't come with preservatives and is naturally sugar free. This one Peep suits all taste buds and is relevant past Easter. This one variety of Peep  never goes stale and doesn't need the excuse of a bunny hoping holiday to be enjoyed.
For you, both marshmallow lovers and marshmallow adverse, God is your Peep.
God is the Peep that doesn't stick to your teeth. God is the Peep who doesn't leave hands sticky. God is the Peep that isn't on every diet's "don't" list. God is the Peep that never runs out of stock.
Have you ever enjoyed God as your Peep? He promises to be satisfying. And He'll never leave you with a tummy ache. He comes in one variety but takes all forms. You'll find God your Peep while walking through a store or in the church sanctuary. You can find God outdoors. You can even find God, your one and only Peep, in the solitude of your bedroom. He isn't stuck in a package and He isn't exclusively kept in the company of white rabbits. God is every where and always present.
If you haven't had God as your Peep, what's stopping you? Why wait to enjoy the world's most soul-satisfying sustenance? Why fill up on this world's marshmallows when you could have the eternal sweetness of the heart?
Trust me, no matter what flavor Peep you pick up on the shelves this Easter, God is the everlasting Peep for you.

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