Tuesday, March 14, 2017

God's salt for life's ice

A fresh, foot deep blanket of snow nearly kept me from venturing outside to take the dogs on their daily walk. I looked out the kitchen window and saw a blowing, blustering scene of freezing flakes. Beneath the snow covered roads I was sure slick ice lay in wait, ensuring a treacherous trip around the neighborhood.
All morning long I avoided the routine walk until afternoon rolled around and pathetic puppy eyes beckoned me to put on my boots and bundle up. I put on the mindset of the mailman and claimed their motto as my own pledge to my pups. And neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, nor the winds of change, nor a nation challenged, will stay us from the swift completion of our appointed rounds. No, I would not let a foot of snow, freezing temperatures and gusts of windy white stop me from my daily dog walking rounds.
One minute into our walk and my concerns were confirmed. Ice. Lots of ice. As we walked I carefully placed my feet to catch the snow but that created trouble of its own. The thick, heavy snow made every step laborious. The walk was quickly becoming a workout and not even my winter-loving Schnoodles seemed to be enjoying it. But I was determined and dedicated so the walked continued.
The wind was nearly blowing us over as the dogs and I made a right turn onto the main road of the neighborhood and that's when I saw it. Ice-free, salt-covered, snow-less pavement. The sight was so marvelous I blinked twice just to make sure it wasn't a mirage. But it was real. Winter's warrior snow and salt trucks had swept the surface of the road with relief for this weary walker and her frosty pups. I stepped onto the black pavement with confidence. The soles of my boots gripped the salt and kept me steady. My steps were no longer heavy and labored. It was easy walking all the way down the road.
The dogs and I took the main roads as long as we could until we had to turn back up a side road. Back on snowy, icy ground we slipped our way up a little hill and into the driveway. Once through the front door the dogs went racing into the living room where they bolted around the house with all the enthusiasm of released hostages. Or cold Eskimos finally exposed to warmth.
Although it took me a few more seconds to untie my boots and discard my winter garb, I shared in their relief but for an entirely different reason. I was full of relief because of the salt that covered the ice. And I don't mean the road salt that covered the icy pavement. I was relieved because of the salt of God's Word that covers my icy heart.
On that walk as I slipped over ice and labored through heavy snow I saw what my life is like apart from God. Without His help, trying to push through trials and struggles on my own, my journey is tiresome, toilsome and not very enjoyable.
But God wants to help. He wants to cover my life with the salt of His Word and the promises of His truth. God has the power and the will to clear the snow covered lanes of my life with the indwelling of His Holy presence. He wants to help me as I walk. He wants to guide my steps and make way a path that is peaceful and steady.
On my walk through the snow, faced with gusty winds, I saw that God can make a way for me even when life is blustery. He is mightier than snow plows and salt trucks and He can sweep away trouble even when the snow is falling. When I call on God in the storm He shows up and clears my path. He gives me salt to cover my heart and steady my steps so I to walk down His road with confidence.
Road salt is good and plows are a blessed sight but the salt of God's Word and the plows of His promises are infinitely better and eternally necessary. In every season, in every storm God is always available with rich storehouses full of the heavenly salt and holy plows to make our journey down His path one of peace and assurance.

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