Friday, March 17, 2017

Have you been thinking about eating a promise based diet?

"Stephanie, have you been thinking about eating more plant based?"
My e-mail inbox is always asking me questions and addressing me by name. If you ask me, it's a bit disconcerting that the internet knows so much about me and my eating habits. And that I'm a hopeless sucker for email marketing campaigns. So, despite being perfectly content with my plant to non-plant based food intake ratio, I open the email.
Thankfully an evil spam scheme is not underway and my computer is not hijacked by an unseen intruder. The email is just the latest newsletter from Nature's Path Organic Foods encouraging me to eat more greens. The email instructs me to, "Leave the earth better than how I found it." Clickable spring-themed pictures of beets and rhubarb attempt to persuade me to follow the link and switch to a plant based diet. A bounty of fresh produce accompanies promises of five solutions for plant-based diet deficiencies. A hearty bowl of peach oatmeal beacons me to tap my mouse and enter the world wide web to discover the coconut topped recipe.
But the newsletter's messages fail to entice me to click, read or share. The pretty pictures and professional graphics don't compel me. Instead of following the links I tap on the trashcan.
I suppose it was silly to ever open the email in the first place. I haven't been thinking about eating a more plant based diet. I haven't been thinking about diet at all. Well, not my physical diet. I've been more focused on improving another area of my nutrition - my spiritual diet.
Organic food and plants may be the best fuel for the body but what about for the soul? Even the juiciest peaches mixed with the best oats and freshest flaked coconut can't satisfy the spirit. Switching to a plant based plate won't change anything in the heart. Fixing the deficiencies in my diet does nothing to solve the deficiencies of my immortal soul.
The most important diet, the diet that will bring me true health and wellness, is the diet that nourishes the spirit within me. The sustenance on my soul's plate is of eternal value and so I'm choosing my meals wisely. I'm deciding to feast on God's promises.
Unlike plants and the food of this world, God's spiritual food will never rot or spoil. His promises never go bad. The diet He has perfected never changes. It is not subject to the comings and goings of the latest superfood crazes.The goodness of God's eternally nourishing diet is the same today as it was yesterday and it will be tomorrow. I need not wait for the latest newsletter from God proclaiming the latest promises. They are already written in His Word as fresh today as the day they were penned. The promises of God are always in season, a never ending bountiful harvest.
God's promises give new life to body and soul. His truth breathes enduring health and wellness into my eternal spirit.
So the truly important question is this: Have you been thinking about eating a more promise based spiritual diet? I promise you it is a diet more enriching than a hearty bowl of coconut topped peach oatmeal. Beloved, when you and I feast on God's Word and His truth our hearts will be well fed, without a single deficiency.
Give God's diet a try. Switch up your plate. Change what you're feeding your very soul. With God's promises as your nourishment you will be eternally satisfied and forever filled with God's enduring truth and everlasting goodness.

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