Thursday, March 23, 2017

Kissing cheating goodbye

I have an admission to make.
I'm a cheater.
I'm not proud of my actions. Oh, how I wish I could tell you it was a one time mistake, that remorse and regret immediately taught me my lesson. But my infidelity has been recurrent. I've been a repeat cheating offender. On countless occasions I have given my heart to another and let my eyes wander away from my first love. Over and over again, I have broken my vow to remain forever true. Without hesitation I have jumped into bed with a lover not my own. With passion I have abandoned loyalty and thrown caution, and commitment, to the wind.
I have cheated. I am a cheater.
And I've cheated on the perfect love, my one true love, God.
To add insult to infidity injury, I've committed my affair with the cruest of lovers.
Worry isn't really a lover at all. He's a hater, really. And I've been giving my heart to him over and over again. Full of concern and anxiety I've run into the arms of worry without a thought for the true love left behind.
When challenges and struggles have befallen my relationship with God I have turned my back on Him. Instead of remaining committed, I have fallen prey to the allure of an anxious soul. Willingly I have embraced fret and foregone faithfulness to my one, true love.
And what has my cruel lover given me in return? What have I received when I've turned from the truth to embrace a lie? Not a kiss on the cheek. Not a hug to comfort me. Not a moment of joy. Not a glimmer of hope. Not a peace in my soul. Not even one single beautiful flower or ray of sunshine. Worry has given me nothing and robbed me of every good thing.
As the saying goes, full me once shame on you. Full me twice, shame on me. Well, worry has fooled me countless times but I'm done giving him the pleasure of victory.
I'm done cheating on God. I'm done falling into the arms of worry.
I am finished with false love that only wants to steal my happiness and contenement. I am no longer sneaking off to worry when the going with God gets tough. I'm going to stop seeking comfort in a lie, giving up the everlasting peace I have in the truth.
Yes, I have been a cheater. A no good, downright rotten cheater. I have looked at the lover of my soul, my perfect first love, and turned my back on His affection. But no more. No more cheating, lying, and running to another.
Right here, right now and forevermore I am ending my dishonest relationship with worry. I am closing the book on our scandelous affair.
Worry, consider this our breakup letter. And don't expect it to be sealed with a kiss because you've been nothing but a hater, through and through. You've left me with nothing but heartache and disappointment. You've delivered nothing but lies.
But now we're through. We're over. The story of you and I has reached "the end."
Now begins the real story of my love life that I know is going to end in a happily ever after because I'm going back to true love. My first love. I'm going back to God and remaining committmd to my vow, dedicated to His devotion. I am running into the arms of truth and grace. I'm seeking forgivness and laying down in a bed of comfort, peace and joy.
I'm going back to be with God forever. And to be to Him I will be forever true.

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