Sunday, April 10, 2016

Truly thriving

Oh, the allure of online marketing. The aesthetically pleasing banners, the eye-catching graphics, the email bombardment and the promise of a "free trial." What internet surfer hasn't been tempted to try a new body lotion, order the latest fitness tracker or, if you're like me, subscribe to the internet food-service fad? The blogosphere is all abuzz about ordering organic, sustainable, healthy groceries online. The promise is lower prices and convenience, not to mention outstanding quality. Become a subscriber, pick your products and track your package. Before you know it a box will show up on your doorstep containing organic goodness.
After receiving my fair share of emails enticing me with promises of the best in cereals, spices and even beauty products. I finally took the bait. The offer from Thrive Market sounded practically life changing. This was about more than food, it was a mission to change the world. And they wanted to give it to me for free! Well at least the bone broth.
So I placed my order and filled in all of the boxes. Name. Address. Credit card information. Wait, what? Credit card information? I thought this was free? As in, you keep your money and get the goods. I read on to discover that this flavorful, life-giving bone broth would be my free introductory item welcoming me into the Thrive family. Once I got my broth, fell in love and became a bone broth addict I wouldn't mind the $59.00 yearly fee automatically deducted from my bank account. Of course, I could always log onto my account and cancel at anytime, even before the first year's dues. I gave my information and made a mental note to cut bait within thirty days if this broth didn't change my life. And honestly, who believes broth is going to change their life?
With the note made and the order placed I awaited the arrival of my box.
A few afternoons later I arrived home to find my delivery from Thrive Market. I opened it up and pulled out a box of bone broth. The box was small, smaller than I had anticipated. I poured its contents into a pot. The color was foggy and off-putting. The smell was worse. Convinced that the five star reviewers must have been raving about the taste I heated up the broth and took my first sip and recoiled. The broth was inedible.
Needless to say the rest of the pot ended up in the sink and the automatic subscription was cancelled. So much for the promise of boxed and door-step delivered thriving.
What did I expect? A bone broth to change my life, how I shop and what I eat? Did I actually believe that a product could hold such power?
Although the Thrive Market couldn't deliver on a life change it did provide an attitude change. The world and its schemes will never cease to tempt me with products and promises that will make me happier, healthier and more fulfilled. The ploys dangle trips to exotic locations in front of my eyes offering me the experience of a lifetime. Commercials with the latest in health and beauty products guarantee my satisfaction. Boxes and bows entice me to purchase, spend and be changed!
But I'm on to their tricks and tactics. A product can't change my life. A trip won't transform me. Only Christ has that power. And He isn't charging me a cent. In fact, He's already paid the full price without asking for my credit card number. He wants to change me free of charge. All He asks is that I give Him total and complete control. The results, He promises, will be truly awe-inspiring.
The deal God has made with me is better than any internet offer. I was in desperate need of being saved from eternal separation from perfection. God sent the ultimate delivery in Jesus to clean me up and get me ready for the gates of Heaven.
What do I need to do? Sign up. Give Him my contact information and the right to my life. What do I get in return in the here and now, you may be asking? The gift of thriving. Flourishing. Prospering in peace, grace and love.
It is the greatest offer you and I could ever receive and I promise, it truly is life-transforming.

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