Saturday, April 23, 2016


Serenity. Calm. Tranquil. Serene.
In short, everything Frank Costanza was not.
I hope I'm not throwing my parents under the responsible-parenting bus but I grew up seeing nearly every Seinfeld episode - more than once. My Mom loved the constant laughs the show provided. Elaine's dancing was a hit in our household. We looked forward to Cramer bursting through Jerry's apartment door with his perpetually askew hair and high-wasted slacks. A visit from Jerry's parents was a treat. And the Costanza's were a constant source of high-voltage humor.
Frank Constanza brought ridiculous anger to the screen. He had the ability to get fired up over a missing TV Guide. Christmas was a holiday for the airing of grievances. Serenity was in short supply although Frank would regularly shout, "SERENITY NOW!" in a comical attempt to bring peace to his constant state of agitation.
Back in my younger years of Seinfeld repeats I was known to borrow Frank's plea for calm composure by jokingly shouting out his characteristic phrase. Shouting "SERENITY NOW" proved to be an effective tool in breaking tensions even if it didn't change my circumstances or my internal peace. The call for serenity, and the mental image of Frank Cosntanza it engendered poked a hole in the tizzy balloon my anger and frustrations had created.
In recent years our TV hasn't been home to as many Seinfeld re-runs and the constant flux of Frank Constanza hasn't been playing out in my living room. But the plea for "SERENITY NOW" is as pertinent as ever. In the quiet of my heart I find myself making silent appeals for a renewed peace of mind and return to stillness. Without words or shouts I am forever calling out to God to provide me with SERENITY...RIGHT NOW!
Unlike George's father, Frank, my earnest request is acknowledged by the Giver of serenity and Prince of Peace. A response and remedy is provided. The stillness I seek can be mine. The tranquility that my heart is yearning for is available to me.
Christ came to fulfill my need for serenity now. When I call out to Him and the indwelling of His Spirit my words aren't returned void. They are delivered to the source of Peace, the only One who can relieve the tensions and tizzies of my heart and replace them with the calm assurance of Heavenly serenity.
Empty words won't bring peace and calm. Only the Holy Spirit living in my heart and relaxing the agitations of my soul will bring lasting, true, enduring serenity. Composure and comfort of the heart are only a call away when I send my plea straight to the throne of God and the Prince of Peace who graciously bestows serenity right here and right now.

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