Thursday, April 7, 2016

20/20 Vision

Morning crept into my room and stirred me from my restful slumber. Upon waking I rolled over, reaching across my bed to retrieve my glasses from their designated spot on my nightstand. I'm utterly helpless without my glasses. The world falls into a mess of colors and shapes with no defined structure. Stairs are perilous and faces are indistinguishable. To make it through my day I rely on my trusty glasses from the moment I awake till the moment I lay my head down to sleep.
My hand fumbled around on the bedside table searching for my survival spectacles but they weren't in their usual position. After scouring the table and the floor beneath I remembered my previous night's sleepy stupor on the living room couch. I had taken my glasses off as I dozed in front of the television.
In that moment of realization every step ahead looked more challenging. Making my way out of my bedroom would be easy enough. The floor was free of clutter and I knew right where to find the door handle but beyond my bedroom door I anticipated the steps -  treacherous, slippery, wooden steps.
I scooped Pippy up off my bed, as I do every morning and determined to carry my step-adverse pup down the stairs without my glasses and without tripping and falling.
Slowly and surely I placed one foot in front of the other, taking one little step at a time. I secured my balance upon each tread before attempting to descend a bit further. When Pippy squirmed I thought we might end up tumbling down to the bottom. Visions of bruises and broken limbs flashed before my eyes. In a soft and quiet voice I urged my wiggly fur ball to stay still.
When we made it to the bottom unscathed I breathed a sigh of relief. The rest would be child's play in comparison. I shuffled through the kitchen and into the living room where my glasses were resting on the coffee table, just like I'd remembered.
Sliding those brown, tortoise shell prescription lenses onto my face was a relief. I felt safe and secure with my vision restored, ready to conquer the world or at least the day ahead. The world had shape and definition again. Even the details of Pippy's friendly face - the wetness of her nose and the glimmer in her deep brown eyes - were clear to see.
Although the time apart from my precious glasses was brief it renewed in my heart an appreciation and thankfulness for my sight, both physical and spiritual. I am blessed to have these corrective lenses at my bedside, providing guidance as I maneuver the obstacles of life.
But more importantly, I am blessed to see the world through the eyes of God. I can maneuver life's difficulties, the slippery steps and even the darkness when I look at everything through the eyes of God. He has made clear vision accessible to me in His word. He has even written it in my heart and provided the way forward with the indwelling of His spirit.
With God's glasses I need never navigate a single step alone and I'm never in danger of leaving His gift of sight in another room. All I have to do is call on His name and turn my heart to His glory. Graciously and faithfully He will bring everything into crystal clear view with His perfect 20/20 spiritual vision.

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