Thursday, April 28, 2016

Good morning, beautiful!

"Good morning, beautiful. How was your night?"
Outside my window the world was dreary. A light rain was pinging against the gutters and making music on the roof. The air was damp and chilly. It was the kind of morning that transforms a bed into a slice of heaven and causes the idea of rising up from beneath the covers to send shivers up the spine.
From the cozy cocoon of my pillow-top mattress I heard God's soft and sweet voice stir me awake. "Good morning, beautiful." It was as if He were right there, standing at my bedside, stroking my bed-head hair to gently stir me from my slumber. It was early - earlier than my internal alarm clock's set time. The sound outside my window would have normally encouraged me to stay in bed where it was dry and warm but something inside of me wouldn't stay lying down. God had woken me up early for a reason.
I stood up out of bed and was immediately drawn to my window. Just beyond the trees, peaking up from below the neighbor's roof and through the leaves was a sunrise watercolor painted just for me. A glorious golden orange illuminated the dark night sky. The edges of the horizon were awash in purples, pinks and reds. In the distance the day was dawning in a brilliant display of God's fiery power set against the stage of the blackness of night.
As I marveled at the site outside my window God's voice returned. "How was your night? While you rested I was busy preparing this sky for you."
All at once I was struck with awe at the site outside my window and the presence of God filling my room. While I had been sleeping, worrying not about the day to come, God had been preparing for me a masterpiece. While I was lying in bed God was at His easel with His best brushes and most precious paints making perfect strokes on the canvas of His creation. And then, at just the perfect time, He woke me up to reveal His piece de resistance. Knowing that it would be at its greatest glory at one precise moment He made absolute sure I was awake and alert, ready to take in the beauty created by His hand.
Painted on the canvas of the morning sky was a reminder that no matter how dark, dreary and cold the season of life I am in God is at work with His brushes creating a masterpiece behind the scenes. At just the right moment, when the fullness of its glory is complete, God will reveal it to me. He won't let me miss what He has specially crafted with me in mind.
At precisely the right moment, when the colors sweep into each other like the rays of the sun and the hues pour into each other like a stunning watercolor, God will wake me with a "Good morning, beautiful" and reveal to me the glory of His stunning design: His perfect will, His special plan and His eternal purpose for my life.

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