Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Job application

If I am ever in need of a fresh dose of humility or a self-esteem readjustment I need to look no further than a job application. Before I am even considered for employment I must first admit that I am woefully inadequate, completely lacking in the desired qualifications the employer is seeking.
The beginning of the application is a cake walk. I'm a pro at my name, birth date and contact information. I even sail past the criminal record portion of the form. Thankfully overdue library books don't count. Unless maybe the job opening is at the library, then I suggest paying up those late fees before trying to get on the pay roll.
Once my eligibility has been established it's on to educational background. This is where things get dicey. The abundance of spaces for college graduation date, graduate studies and special qualifications reduce my on-paper credentials to zilch. Two years of college six years ago doesn't exactly spell out "overachiever."
After education always comes a work history. A lifetime spent in the family business has provided me with an intimate understanding of hard work and dedication, not to mention the value of customer service and the importance of adaptability. But a lifetime in the family business hasn't given me a precise "job title." And although I know my supervisor would provide an outstanding referral I'm not sure a prospective employer would base their hiring on the recommendation of the applicant's father.
By the time I've completed even the most basic of two paged job applications I feel utterly worthless and pessimistic. Why would anyone hire the girl described on the paper? There is nothing written that makes me stand out. My "special qualifications" leave much to be desired. That is, unless the employer happens to be looking for "big smile" and "small enough to not get in the way. "But I have yet to see a job requirements list seeking such a candidate.
Despite discouragement I've filled out these paper confidence killers and hand delivered them to places of business only to be met by radio silence. Apparently the employer saw exactly what I feared they would: nothing.
By the standards of the job-seeking world I am not the most qualified candidate. Thankfully God never asked me for an application. He took me on without reviewing my history or requiring that I have more experience. In fact, God took me on when I was His enemy! I had a criminal record against God and yet He made room for me in His office and welcomed me on His team. He made me a holy offer, no experience required. He saw my lack of skill set and declared that I'm just the kind of candidate He's looking for.
This morning I turned in another job application. This might be the one that gives me a chance and a call back or maybe my lackluster credentials will end up in the trash. Either way this time my confidence won't be shaken.
I know that my true worth isn't defined by what I am on paper and can't be confirmed by a job offer. My true worth is found in being a child a God, cherished and valued by the King. Even when I was a sinner, unqualified by the stain of disobedience and rebellion, God looked at me and loved me. No experience necessary. All God has ever required is my obedience, my heart and my unconditional surrender.

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