Friday, April 15, 2016

Healing to-dos

I have a to-do list. Well, it isn't my to-do. And it isn't a "honey to-do list." This girl doesn't have a honey but if she did she may make him a list. She is, after all, a list-maker so why not share the love with a significant other? If you love lists and have a love life, pair the two. It only makes sense.
But back to my current to-do list. The list is for God and it outlines, in order of importance, the healing agenda I have for Him. Like any good to-do list it begins with the most pressing needs. For me need number one is digestive. That is such a big to-do I have it written in big red letters complete with many exclamation points. A few words such as "discomfort," "absorption," and "bloating" have been underlined just in case God misses my not-so-sublte memo to get on this task - and quickly, please.
The next few lines on the list are filled with needs such as the alleviating of heat intolerance, the restoration of energy and the elimination of spasticity. I've turned the list over to God because it is a list too daunting for me to handle. I've tried to complete the tasks on my own and failed miserably. So I've turned the list over to the expert trusting that God, being the ultimate Man of His Word, will surely take up my list in a timely fashion and complete the to-dos lickety-split.
Time has passed and God has had the list in His possession for weeks, months...years. This is starting to sound like the saga of an old married couple, don't you think? The wife tells the husband the bathtub needs caulked and instead of the husband running out to Lowes to gather supplies he leaves the list on the kitchen table, causing the exasperated wife to wonder why she even make a list in the first place.
When I gave my list to God I trusted He would pick it up and get to crossing off each need. I thought He'd treat my list as a "rush order." Isn't that what a red pen and capital letters are meant to communicate? But it feels like God has left my list on the kitchen table while He's gone to the fridge to find a snack. I've even suggested I give Him a ride to Lowes but He has yet to take me up on my offer.
So I've spent some time waiting for God to get around to my to-dos. I've become exasperated like the wife with a leaky bathtub. God hasn't been following my order on my time-table and He hasn't been meeting my to-dos.
Or has He?
If I take my eyes and my fixation off of my own to-do list and get back to God's Word I'm not left wondering very long what God has been up to in the kitchen. He hasn't been neglecting my list. He's been rewriting it. The "needs" I had listed that had to be met in my order, in my timing have been moved down the page. New priorities have taken their place. God's to-do list of healing begins with my heart.
God sees my needs and He knows each one intimately. Not only does He know what they are, He knows what's causing them. The symptoms that baffle me are understood to God. In the blink of an eye, with the snap of a finger He could heal them all. But first He has to start with my heart. He has to bind up my broken heart and restore my shattered soul before He will touch my physical wounds.
God is the Master Physician and the faithful fulfiller of to-do lists. He hasn't thrown my list in the trash or ignored the pleading heart that filled its lines with hopes and desires. God has my list safely in His pocket - my rewritten list.
On the to-do list that once prioritized my physical body God has made my spiritual health His priority. God knows that what is truly best for me is a vital heart that beats for eternity and a soul that sings praises forever. Reduced spasticity and perfect digestion may come but they don't top God's list. He is binding up my broken heart, polishing it to a lustrous shine and making my spirit a Masterpiece for His glory. The to-dos that top God's list are the ones that will outlast the paper they are written on and the body they restore. God's list is the list of eternal importance and He always fulfills it in His perfect timing.

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