Sunday, June 23, 2013

Some things I've noticed: summer edition

Here are just a few of summer's blessings that thrill the senses. These little sights, sounds and scents take us back to days of old and summer's past. They are quintessential summer. And honestly, who doesn't love summer?

1. The sound of lawn mowers.
2. The smell of freshly cut grass.
3. The refreshing scent that is unique to sprinklers.
4. The sight of children running through their yards in Disney princess bathing suits, jumping in small pools, running through sprinklers, laughing all the way!
5. The smell of barbecue chicken at dinner time.
6. The distant sound of fireworks that can be heard miles away from the local amusement park every Sunday night in June, July and August.
7. Grocery store shelves with displays for all the necessary goodies for s'mores.
8. The sound of neighbors jumping into their pools and splashing about.
9. The crackling of a bon fire in the backyard (or the front yard if you are my family on Memorial Day weekend 2013).
10. The distinct smell and glossy finish of freshly applied sun screen.
11. Fresh strawberries popping up at every grocery store and farmer's market stand.
12. Convertibles cruising along, tops down, just enjoying the breeze.
13. Kids with ice cream stained shirts (which their Mom's fight so hard to prevent - a handy stack of napkins as their weapon of choice).
14. Big, juicy tomatoes.... later in summer but my mouth is already watering.
15. The sound of the local high school marching band at band camp in the late days of August practicing for the upcoming season - the drum line is my favorite.

... This list isn't exhaustive. How could it be? Summer is too good to sum up in words. The things that make June, July and August so special are to be savored in a way you savor a beautiful sunset or fabulously cooked dinner. Summer months are so special that a description doesn't do it justice. It just has to be enjoyed for all its worth, taking in all the moments and storing them for future memories.
For now, in the heat of these summer nights, I will soak up each drop of its goodness. I will consume countless strawberries, tomatoes and other farmer's market offerings. I will take long walks in the evenings and enjoy the heat on my forehead. I will visit the lake and enjoy the still blue water and the small boats that dot its surface. I will put the top down on my convertible, turn up the radio and drive. I will swing on the porch with a good book and comfortable pillow.
Summer is unlike any other time of year so enjoy it, because before you know it September will be here. But don't worry - you still have so much about these gorgeous months to savor.

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