Monday, June 10, 2013

Jesus behind the wheel

Have you ever known someone who is quite simply a terrible driver? Now I know what any red blooded male would say: "Yes, every woman I've ever seen behind the wheel of a vehicle." But I'm not talking about the mythical gender gap in driving ability; I'm talking about individuals who are oblivious and reckless without even knowing it. These are the kinds of drivers that scare their passengers into silence and cause them to grasp with all their might the safety bar over head or the grip next to the door handle. Their knuckles go white and all the color drains from their cheeks, yet the driver is clueless. Does anyone in particular come to mind?
I know a few of these terrible drivers who are completely ignorant of the danger they pose to themselves and every other person on the road. I won't name names. That would be gossipy. But I know the feeling of riding shotgun next to them and it isn't a peaceful experience. It is stressful and anxiety producing. If you try to comment on maybe taking the next bend a bit slower or looking up from the map to pay attention to the road, this kind of driver blows off your suggestion as pure silliness. They know what they're doing! They have been driving for years, longer then you've been alive. Sound familiar? On one hand you want them to learn the error of their ways and become a more prudent driver; but on the other hand you don't want any harm to come on them, so you just silently pray that no small children are playing anywhere near the street.
Today I was driving along listening to the radio when the song "Jesus Take the Wheel" came on the station. I love this song and preceded to belt it out with Carrie Underwood. It was our own private duet and I must say I wasn't sounding too shabby! While I was emoting with each stanza I was struck by the words I was singing. I know practically every word by heart and have even sang this song in church, so the lyrics are nothing new to me. Still, I was struck by the cry of the heart to have Jesus truly take over.

You and I often go through life like that crazy driver, not knowing that we are terribly out of control and in need of guidance. We think we have our lives under control. But we aren't the one's who are supposed to be in control. Jesus is supposed to be behind the wheel. We are foolish and misguided if we believe we are the best masters of our fate and the most qualified to be driving the car that is going to get us there.
You and I are terrible drivers of our lives. We gossip, criticize, hurt people's feeling, lie and make a host of other sins. Our hearts our prone to wonder and our actions are prone to evil. And we think we should be running our own show?
We have a Savior in Heaven who is free of all our faults. He doesn't sin. He doesn't hurt people or forget things or make mistakes. Period, end of story. He is perfection. And guess what... HE wants to run our lives! Isn't that an awesome proposition? The perfect Savior, who loves without conditions and has never committed a single sin wants to be the driver of our car. This is an unbelievable offer. All he asks is that we hand over the keys. How can we expect the perfection he can deliver if we are still grasping the steering wheel? He wants us to get in the back; release control of the wheel, the pedals, the locks and settings. He wants us to sit back and enjoy the ride without having to grip the safety bar or close our eyes our of fear for the next bend. He wants us to relax in the safety only he can provide.
You may be a great driver, with a clean history record and not a single accident in your past, but if you are still behind the wheel of your own life then you are missing a great ride. Jesus has offered to take the wheel and steer. He has promised you an incredible journey if only you will step aside. Release the grip you have on your own life, admit to your sinful ways and flawed nature. Let him get in the drivers seat. He will get you to your destination safely and along the winding road will be an incredible journey you won't want to miss!

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