Sunday, June 16, 2013

A few of my favorite things... the Chagrin Fall edition

Here are just a few of the many things that I love about Chagrin Falls, and you should too:

1. You can take your dog to the bookstore. Try that at Barnes and Nobles!
2. Outdoor diners line the streets, some with dogs, some with kids, all unique. They make a walk downtown much more interactive, plus much more flavorful when it comes to the scents that fill the street.
3. Ducks perch themselves on rocks situated just before the falls drop off under the main road that runs right thru the center of town. It is as if this is their special place of honor. It never fails, these rocks are always filled with ducks, welcoming visitors. They are truly the town's locals.
4. And then there are the human locals - they people watch, they sip coffee, they take their work to Starbucks and their books to the park. They are all friendly, outgoing and curious. They watch this town and know it like the palm of their hand.
5. The fun of a weekend horse drawn carriage ride thru the heart of town. It is a step back in time for riders and those just strolling the streets, taking in the sights. I haven't gone for a ride yet, but I have a secret fantasy - well, not so secret since I am about to reveal it! If I am ever to be in such a relationship with a man that marriage is upon the horizon, I would like him to propose to me on a carriage ride thru Chagrin Falls. Save this and show it so any possible suitors, please and thank you!
6. You feel patriotic just walking down the streets, thanks in part to the flags perched on every light post and outside of nearly every homes' front door. I want to stop and sing God Bless America each time I round the corner on May Court to turn onto Main Street. The view from the top of that small hill is filled with waving flags that line the street on both sides. I can hear a patriotic military band playing in my head. Can you?
7. Nearly every building down town has a unique and distinct brick facade with the year of construction incorporated into the design at the very top of the building. Reading each year is a history line. It is a reminder of the past that paved the way for all those who enjoy this little village today.
8. Parked outside the police station is an old fashioned police car straight from the 1950's. It is in impeccable condition. Getting pulled over by a vintage Chevy would really soften the blow of a ticket in my opinion. I might have a different take on that scenario should the red lights start flashing and siren start wailing behind me on Main Street.

These are just a few of my favorite things about Chagrin Falls. This list is certainly not exhaustive and will certainly be added to in time. But for now,

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