Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fulfilled and whole

When have you felt most alive? When have you felt 100% yourself and 100% in the moment?
Has it taken life risking adventure or thrills that take you to the edge? Has it required high excitement and high drama? What has is taken to make you feel like you are on top of the world, floating on air and unstoppable?
I thought I had experienced this kind of fullness but I am beginning to see that nothing in my life has compared to the fulfillment of living in the center of God's will. That is where I am truly coming alive.
Before we come to know the blessing of living within God's perfect will we strive for fulfillment in every possible nook and cranny of this world. When we search for happiness in the things this world has to offer we will always come up short. Sky diving might be fun and thrilling for the moment but when it is over you come down from not only the physical high but the mental and emotional high too. A night out on the town with friends is great while you are laughing it up and forgetting all the cares of the world but the next morning life goes back to the routines that pay the bills, get food on the table and keep life moving along. What this world labels as "fun" and "exciting" are only snippets of a bigger picture. If the rest of the picture is falling flat the snippets will have a hard time picking up that slack. The result is disappointing. Instead of a life of complete fulfillment, days become market by long periods of mundane mixed in with occasional, short lived highs. Where is the satisfaction in this sporadic living?
God has something better. He has a 24 hour, 7 day a week fulfillment that he is offering, free of charge. You won't need to shell out $400 for a 2 minutes sky diving adventure and you won't have to make the drive to Cedar Point and then endure long lines just to have the thrill of a monster coaster. No, God's fulfillment isn't of the typical adventure seeker variety. His ride lasts much longer.
The ride God desires to take you and I on is one that lasts a lifetime, and then gets really exciting in the eternity we will spend enjoying the presence of the maker of the ride. He wants to thrill us and excite us by taking us on journeys we never imagined and down paths we didn't know existed. He wants to wow us with dreams we weren't creative enough to think up ourselves. He wants to shock us with miracles and blessings that will stop us dead in our tracks, make us look up and say, "How did you do it?" He wants to set our hearts ablaze because of the wonderful maker and creator he is.
In a world filled with temporary satisfaction, God is offering something permanent. He is standing at the door and knocking, wondering if we will go on the ride with him. He knows if we take him up on the offer, we will never regret it. We must first take the step of faith to say yes; to jump on board. But then again, isn't that what you had to do to get on the big roller coaster? You had to agree to stand in the line, sit in the seat, strap on the belt. If you had fears or hesitations, you overcame them. So, why not buckle up next to God? Why wait to experience the ride of a lifetime? You won't regret it. That I can guarantee.

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