Saturday, June 8, 2013

Show the plan

I have recently embarked on a business venture as a consultant for Ambit Energy. I was quick to become part of this company and saw the possibilities for success immediately. To me, the whole concept is a no brainer: switch your supply side of energy in a deregulated state, save money. Hmm... seems pretty straight forward. It is like that commercial with Jimmy Fallon for Capital One, who wouldn't like to save more money?
Well, apparently a lot of people. Getting people to sign up as a customer has been like getting a 3 year old to sit still in a dentist chair. If you have had kids, or were ever a kid yourself (everyone raise their hand), you know this is never a fun task. When I was a kid they had to break out the self-restraining jacket to keep me secured. I wanted to run out of the office as fast as my little legs would carry me. But who could blame me? The tools on the dentist's little cart always screamed "pain". Some were pointy, others were scratchy and not one of them resembled an ice cream cone so, seriously, why would I want it in my mouth?
I didn't think every money earning (and enjoying), home owner who ever paid a bill would have the same response to saving money on one of their most basic utilities: energy. I figured if I could help them save money on a service they are already paying for and are going to continue to pay for so the answer would be simple, they wouldn't have to think twice. Why not? Switch to Ambit, right?
I was terribly mistaken. People hate change. They hate being "sold" on something, even though they are already being sold on the exact same product for more money.
I've researched and googled, how do I make this work? How do I show people that this isn't a scheme or a scam, it is a valid opportunity to save money. How do I get people to listen long enough to hear the positives? How do I stop people from pre-judging based on their knowledge of Amway and other MLM businesses? I'm not trying to sell supplements or magazine subscriptions, I'm offering a way to pay less for gas and electric! But yet, I am looked at like an annoyance.
What is the answer to this dilemma? How do I get people to pause and take a look? Ambit leaders and successes just keep saying: show the plan. If someone slams a door in your face, turn to the next door and show it again. Another slammed door? Move on; show it again. Don't give up. Don't get discouraged. Just because one person blows you off doesn't mean everyone will. So, just keep showing it!
I get this principle and am determined to put it into practice. I'll keep talking about Ambit, telling people about the savings and attempting to get new customers and consultants. Nothing worth doing is going to be easy, so why should I expect overnight success? This is an uphill climb, but it could be worth it if I stick with it.

This has sparked in me a thought that I have been foolish to ignore: show the plan. But what plan am I focused on showing? Sure, Ambit could be a great financial option for me if I can make it work and it could save other people money in the process: a win-win. But there is a bigger plan out there that I should be showing far more often and with much greater passion then I will ever show with Ambit: God's plan for salvation through his son Jesus Christ.
As Christians, we often shy away from using the name of Jesus Christ. We hold our beliefs close to our chest. Yes, we believe we are sinners and yes, we believe Jesus was sent to die for our sins but we don't feel the urgency to tell everyone. With Ambit, the leaders tell new consultants to talk up their business, share it with the people in their lives and the people they meet. As tough as it is to talk about Ambit, it seems to be even tougher to talk about Christ. But it shouldn't be! As Christ followers, saved by grace, living in sold out obedience to the word of God, we should be bursting at the seams to tell people about the amazing gift that God has given each and every one of us. The name of Jesus should be on our lips at work, in a coffee shop, at the grocery store, at the gym.... anywhere we frequent we should be vessels for Christ, spreading his message.
If I want to make Ambit a success I will have to follow the formula: show the plan. If I want to see other souls saved by Jesus Christ I will need to show the plan. God will do the work in their heart but I must present the opportunity, the gift, the plan that could save them something so much greater then dollars and cents: their soul for eternity.

Here is the plan:

And here is another plan...not as important but it could save you some money:

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