Friday, June 14, 2013

Little observations

Some thing worth noting from my little village life here in Chagrin Falls...

1. I don't have a green thumb. What is the opposite of green? Red? That is the color of my thumb - both thumbs actually. And every other finger or toe I have for that matter. I just don't have that gardeners touch. I do have the uncanny ability to kill plants, though. Impressed? Is there a profitable use for such a skill? If so, sign me up. I'd be a top producer. But ask me to keep a plant alive and I'm hopeless. Well, at least that is one career path I don't have to put on the list of possibilities: gardener. Oh great, now God is going to make me a gardener.... but I didn't say I would NEVER be a gardener. So maybe I'm still safe? That never say never thing gets me every time.

2. An evening rain storm is oddly comforting and peaceful. Don't you find that falling asleep to the sound of rain pinning against the drain pipes and roof to be the best way to drift off? When you think about it, this is really quite an odd phenomenon. Storms are inherently disruptive. They are turbulent, loud and intrusive. So how can they be peaceful and calm when it comes time to sleep? I guess this is one of life's little mysteries. I won't question how much sense it makes, I'm just going to enjoy the effect it has on my night's slumber.

3. Nothing can beat a fresh, local, organic strawberry. They just came in season in Northern Ohio and I am loving their red, sweet, scrumpteous perfection! There is no comparison to a local strawberry and an out of season, shipped 1,000 miles, mass produced strawberry. They shouldn't even be bestowed with the same name. Let the local strawberries get to keep the honor of such a name. Those foreign red, juiceless substances can go find their own!

4. If you are an open book you will meet other open books. You have to be open to sharing your heart, your feelings, your vulnerabilities, your quirks and your passions to find that other people are willing to do the same. If you are locked up like a diary, tucking the key in a secret spot, you will probably find the world to be cold and unwelcoming. Have you stopped to take a look in the mirror before judgingthe  friendliness of the world that surrounds you? Are you just as closed off? Be open to sharing and listening. When you will put yourself out on the limb of openness you will find that the world is much more willing to reciprocate.

5. Embrace what makes you uniquely you. I walk around town with Pippy, my adorable dog with floppy, goofy ears. She is a conversation starter because she is unique and fun! I ride my old school styled bike to Starbucks outfitted with its wicker basket. People love to comment on what a throw back it is to see a bike like that! I drive my VW bug convertible around with the top down and a smiling dog in the passenger seat and people honk, wave and smile back. People I have never met want to give a shout out to the girl in the classic summer ride. All of these things and more make me unique. I want to embrace the things that make me different! They spice up my life and add smiles to the lives of others, too. It is a win-win. So grab hold of what makes you unique and special. Learn to love it and embrace it wholeheartedly. Don't be shy, let your quirks shine!

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