Thursday, September 7, 2017

Warning: reader discretion advised!

WARNING: Reader discretion advised!
The following post comes with a "heads up" of sorts. The words that you are about to read might disturb you, trouble you, worry you and cause you alarm. You may be tempted to have doubts about the state of my physical being and question my sanity. But by the conclusion of this post I hope you will know one thing for sure: God is in complete control.

So it's time for brutal honesty. To put it bluntly, my body is utterly ravaged. This isn't a statement of opinion. This is matter of fact according to Body Mass Index calculations which bring me in at a "very severely underweight" reading of 12.3.
See why I warned you this might disturb and trouble some of you? I can't fault a single reader for being alarmed. In the opinion of the medically-minded I should be seeking admission at a hospital and be hooked up to an IV drip. At least I should be on bed rest at home but long-time Pippy Love readers will know I'm not one to let weight stop me from living. True that weight has changed my life and vitality but I've always pushed on to find a way to remain active and moving even while my weight has plummeted.
Low weight has been a hallmark of my illness from the very beginning but I'll admit I didn't anticipate to hit new weight lows on this Lyme journey. I thought I had already hit bottom but, obviously, I thought wrong. Turns out I didn't know how "low" I could go. When it comes to the weight limbo, I'm learning I can go low - super low. Despite my best efforts to halt the downward weight spiral, I have been unable to escape the latest reality staring at me from the scale's display screen: sixty-seven pounds.

This is about the time in the post where I anticipate reader's jaws will drop and soon demands for my hospitalization will  follow. I understand the concern and can't fault anyone for worrying but I must respectively decline any such suggestions for medical intervention. I also must heartily decline any recommendations to lay down in despair or give up in hope.
Although the numbers on the scale are lower than ever and my body fragile and weak, my soul is strong with the Spirit of God, filling me with joyful stamina to keep pressing on. As the pounds have flowed off my body, the faith and hope of Christ have been ever increasing in my heart. God has faithfully been infusing me with the power of assurance in His sustaining hand that defies all human logic or explanation.
Instead of being defeated and wrought with doom at the sight of the scale, God has been renewing me with eager anticipation for the healing that is to come. As I look ahead I see a remarkable work of transformation just around the corner. God has a new body designed and ready to be revealed in my flesh and bones for the good and glory of His eternal name.
Sickness and illness has ravaged my body but God has never let me go. He has preserved me body and soul so that, in His time and by His regenerative hand, He can bring me back to full health. By the redemptive blood of Christ who conquered death itself I am being upheld and preserved so that my recovery can give testimony to His power and will to heal. The lower the weight, the greater the miracle of restoration and all the more glory to God and God alone. 

Today, at this very moment, I am weaker than I have ever been but only in my body. In my soul God has been strengthening me with His eternal power and resiliency and He's not done yet - not with my heart and not with my body. I have utter and complete assurance that underway right here and right now in this little body of mine is a work of glorious and complete healing. By the gracious hand of The Lord God, my Great Physician, Savior and King this body is being made brand new and, soon very soon, will be full of more health than ever before.

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