Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Overdraft Protection


Savings overdraft protection is a wonderful thing. It is essentially a banking "Get Out of Jail Free" card for checkbook accounting errors. The savings overdraft protection feature pairs a savings account a with a checking accounts so, in the event that the checking account should be overdrawn, it can get its money from the savings account without paying a penalty. Genius! 
I love this idea and have enjoyed its benefits on more than one overdraft occasion. Plus, overdraft protection provides me with peace of mind. I need not fear a of a hefty overdraft fee should I calculate my checkbook in error. Thanks to the concept of overdraft protection I've even been encouraged to save more and spend less.
There is, however, one critical catch with savings account overdraft protection. The checking account in distress must be paired to the right savings account, one that is active and has sufficient funds. Overdraft protection is only as useful as the account it's attached to.
In my case, on this particular overdraft occasion, my overdraft protection didn't do me much good as it turns out it wasn't paired to an active and filled savings account. When I over-drafted, a plea for help was sent out to my retired (and drained) savings account. My active (and well stocked) savings account never received the SOS for financial help and therefore it didn't provide me a cent's worth of protection.
After being assessed a hefty fee I made a trip to the bank where a kind teller set my account right. She graciously removed the overdraft charge and credited my account. Then she re-paired my active accounts to ensure my future protection.

You see, what that teller did for me was just a sliver of a glimmer of the grace of Jesus Christ who offers my soul eternal protection and salvation by uniting with His perfect account. It is by the blood of the Lamb that I am freed from every fee and charge. I am free from the condemnation of sin. I am free from the worry of overdrafting into eternal doom. Because Jesus has paired His perfect account to my sin, I am forgiven and free.
I wonder, dear Friends, have you paired your sin to Christ's perfect account? Have you made Him your soul's protection and signed up to enjoy His saving grace? Have you put your trust and belief in His all-sufficient funds? With Jesus Christ as your soul's eternal protection you will never need to fear the penalty of sin. United with Him in His death and raised with Him to new life, a new account with eternal security will provide you peace and security.

In His death and resurrection Jesus made His life the propitiation for our sins and the protection for our souls. He cleansed us of every fee and debt we could never pay and He continues to provide us with the all-sufficient funds of His grace that save us for now and eternity. 
So what are you waiting for? Bring your account to the foot His cross and take refuge in the eternal protection of God's saving grace.

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