Friday, September 22, 2017


The morning commute up the steep hill in the Pittsburgh hills was slow and tedious. It was well past rush hour so, being impatient, I wondered why the hold up? Around the next curvy bend in the road my question was answered in the bright yellow OVERSIZE LOAD sign flapping in the wind.
As I approached the back of a massive semi I understood why the truck was moving so slowly. It was carrying a gigantic load of precious cargo: a ranch style home with blue shutters and a white front porch. All that the house was missing were rocking chairs and the smiling home owners. The convoy of pilot vehicles all bearing orange flags and flashing blinkers were a sure give away that a major delivery production was underway.
On the steep and winding highway fellow drivers hesitantly passed the slow-going oversize parade. Each car hugged the inside line as best they could in an attempt to avoid a collision with the home's front porch. When it was my turn to pass I did the same, holding my breath as I whizzed past the precarious load. 
As I made my way past the semi's cabin I looked up to see a man seated behind the big-rig's steering wheel with eyes faithfully fixated on the road ahead. On his face he wore a look of determination and dedication to safely deliver his precious oversize load no matter how long and tedious the journey.
A moment later the semi driver and his load were in my rear view mirror. The caravan faded out of sight but Jesus kept it in my mind..."Do you trust that I can deliver your OVERSIZE load?"  In the oversize load Jesus lovingly reminded me that He has all the power and will to deliver me and my life's oversize loads.
With His spotless driving record and flawless steering, Christ is the only one capable of safely delivering my heavy burdens and carrying my most cumbersome loads. There is no OVERSIZE LOAD on earth too great for the Lord. He willingly and graciously climbs into the cabin of my life and ensures a safe arrival for all of my burdens, sorrows and pains. He treats each one as His most precious cargo.
As God takes my burdens along the journey of life's highway He employs all the forces of His will to guarantee a safe arrival. He will orchestrate a caravan of pilot cars, flashing lights and waving flags to secure His cargo and protect the fulfillment of His plans. Over hills and mountains, along windy ways and low valleys, God remains faithful and true to the  His word to take up my burdens and bring them to their destination.
When the mountains ahead look too steep and the road too twisted for me to maneuver I need not fret because God is the one behind the wheel. In His overcoming life that carried the heaviest load of the cross, my burden is lifted. In His victory that defeated death and rose in eternal life I am assured of its final, restful destination.
With Jesus Christ as my guarantee, I can boldly, confidently and peacefully proclaim, "Yes, Lord Jesus, I trust you to deliver my OVERSIZE load!"

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