Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Your mountain

Dear Reader,

I don't know who out there will come across this post. I know that the eyes that read these words are few and far between. Most people will never hear what I have to share on this simple little blogspot. But, for those who happen upon its message, my prayer is that it is an encouragement to your weary soul. Because aren't we all weary sometimes? Don't we all come to a place in life where the future looks daunting and the motivation to continue on is scarce? My prayer is that you will find strength and hope for your journey through the words God pours out through my hands. I don't have any credentials or letters by my name to recommend me. But I have a story and I have a life and body that is proof of the power of God.

This morning your journey may be feeling like a climb straight up the side of a mountain. The path is treacherous. Your foot struggles to find a stable place to land. You are practically brought to your knees when you stumble. How much longer? Is a paved path up ahead? Is the top of the mountain within sight yet?
On this side of your mountain you see nothing but obstacles. Forget the view. You don't see anything but the ground beneath your feet, the jagged rocks that threaten to send you tumbling down and the steep drop off that sends a shiver up your spine at the thought of what happens if you lose your balance. You are worn out and tired. Your stamina is waning. Your legs want a rest. Your body wants a shower.
Maybe you could just turn back? Head back down to the base of the mountain where the ground was level and you felt safe. But the mountain keeps calling you forward: "Just a little while longer"...."Just wait till you see the view from the top"...."Come further"....
But how? How will you keep moving along when you feel too weak, too small, too vulnerable to finish the climb?
Turn to your constant Help, your Sustainer, your Living Water, your Portion. When you are weak, He is strong. When you can't take another step, He will lend you a hand and a word of encouragement. When you stumble, He will reach out and catch you. When your breathing becomes labored, He will restore it with His mighty breath.
If you think you can't make it up this mountain, you're right. You can't. But He can. It is too big for you to tackle on your own. You might make it pretty far all by yourself but you will be worn out, aching and sore. Your climb will be a constant struggle.
Don't try to tackle it on your own. Let God guide and carry you. Cry out to Him in your pain and allow Him to heal you. Cry out to Him when you are too tired to go on and let Him infuse you with renewed endurance.
I don't know what your mountain looks like today. Maybe it is emotional. It might be spiritual. Or maybe it is a physical mountain peak. Whatever your mountain, God can overcome it. He is bigger then the highest peak. The elevations that sound too daunting to us are a stroll around the park to Him. Don't try to be your own cheerleader. Don't try to climb your mountain by yourself. Call on God and He will go with you.
As you struggle up your mountain I know it will feel never ending and tiring. Even with God, there will be moments of weakness where your human desire for resolution, a peak, will surface and cause you to grow impatient of the climb. Keep hold of God's promise that He has great things in store for you. Just get to the top, the view will be worth every ounce of sweat and every difficult step you had to take.
In the midst of your journey you will be too distracted to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. At the top the landscape will finally come into full view. The beauty of creation and the marvelous work of God's hand will become evident. Without the climb you won't get the extraordinary view. You must scale the most difficult walls and steepest mountains too see the greatest of glories.
So, dear reader, keep climbing. I don't know what your view will look like in the end. All I can promise you is that it will be abundantly worth it!

Your Friend,


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