Monday, September 16, 2013

In Christ Alone

In Christ alone my hope is found; he is my light, my strength, my song.
Is he yours?
Today as I sat in the middle of the gym at Living Streams Church, comfortably seated on a yoga mat in a position of calm and in a state of peace, I began to reflect on the abundance of strength I am given by my Savior. I have not done anything to deserve it. I haven't lifted heavy enough weights to grow my muscles big and strong. I haven't been a warrior in the face of all my trials.
I have picked up weights that were small and only mildly challenging. I have quit running when I knew I could go further.
I have cried in the middle of my darkest moments. I have crumbled to the ground when my life has proven more difficult then I could handle.
On my own I have been the embodiment of weak. I haven't been able to muster up enough courage out of my own core. I haven't been able to endure simply by chanting the words "try harder." All of these human tactics have fallen short for me. None have truly lifted me to soaring heights. They have just kept me limping along, tripping at times and completely falling at others.
Yet, there has been a hope for me. It hasn't come from me but it has been for me. It is from Christ. He is the hope that has carried me. It wasn't until I came to the end of my own flesh that I found him there, waiting to carry me in his unlimited strength.
He has given me strength to walk when it hurt, run when it seemed impossible. He has empowered me to lift weights that look daunting for longer then I thought my little muscles could possibly endure.
In my spirit He has come into my darkest places and shined a light. He has brought with Him patience and peace, pouring them out to me as often as I need them and ask for them. He has never let me down. He has been faithful in carrying me even when I thought my body wouldn't. There were days when it seemed my body simply couldn't go on. But He proved, over and over, that with him nothing is impossible.
In this little body He has shown that He can be all the strength we, His weak children, will ever need. My prayer for you is that you will see your need for His strength. Don't try to push through it on your own. No matter what your struggle: a run, a crisis of health, a dissolving marriage, a set of push-ups, inadequacy, failure, an eating disorder, a broken heart, an addiction... don't rely on your own muscle. Rely on HIS. He will carry you even when you don't have it in you to take another step. Cry out to Him. Believe that He is enough to take you to the top of the mountain. Hold tight to your Hope.
Let him be your All in All. Stand in the love of Christ. He wants to be your light, your strength and your most beautiful song. Will you let Him?

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