Thursday, January 11, 2018

Tis the season!

Move over Christmas and New Years. Tis' the season for Girl Scout Cookies and, just in case you hadn't noticed yet, the happy holiday is already in full swing.
Girl Scout Cookie Season celebrations begin each year in January. Interestingly, the holiday kicks off at precisely the same time that fitness facilities are at their height of the busy gym membership sales season. Coincidence or new year's resolution sabotage? The world may never know.
But back the cookies.
In Girl Scout Cookie season, young scouts dawning badges of distinction and the signature sashes hit the pavement (and family functions) selling copious numbers of their boxed cookie delicacies. Enthusiastic scouts knock on the doors of neighbors bearing pictures of Thin Mints and promises of Do-Si-Dos. Even parents join in the festivities by taking order forms and cookie catalogs to work.
For cookie lovers, Girl Scout Cookie season is time for rejoicing. For the young scouts themselves, this season is one of the most wonderful in the entire year.
But not so for me. I haven't participated in the Girl Scout Cookie holiday for years. Ever since I began limiting my sugar, cutting out cookies entirely, I haven't taken part in the seasonal festivities. It has been over a decade since I've indulged in the coconut, caramel combination of a Samoas. So far removed from my memory is the taste of a Taglong that I am no longer even tempted by its rich chocolate and creamy peanut buttery goodness.
I know you must be thinking, "What a sad holiday!" Without boxed sugary sweets to celebrate you probably think my Girl Scout Cookie season is a drag. But, rest assured, dear Reader, because even without cookies - not even a single Shortbread - I have a gloriously sweet reason to rejoice.
With the spirit of a Girl Scout at the height of the cookie season, I'm enjoying the sweet faithfulness and satisfying love of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is the richness of His grace that gives me cause to celebrate even after Christmas has passed. All throughout Girl Scout Cookie season the presence of Christ fills my life and heart with the abundance of His goodness.
In every season of life, whether it be filled with Christmas cheer or cookie sales, God's gift of Salvation gives me unending reason to rejoice. It is the sweetness of the Lord's faithfulness and love that fills my life and heart with cause for celebration all throughout the year.
No cookies required.

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