Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Danger: Downed Wires Ahead

The power line whipped in the winter wind, swaying precariously on the brink of total collapse. Before the ravaging winter storm that dumped six feet of snow, the roadside electrical cables had been suspended high up in the air, held taut between two strong utility poles. But the crushing weight of snow and ice was more than the wires could bear. They drooped and sagged for days until they couldn't endure one more single snow flake. With a mighty gust of wind, the cables snapped in two, sending severed ends of live wire dangling dangerously in the street below.
As I observed the scene I felt compelled to help but how? I couldn't put the wires back up again. Unable to lend any aid, I reached for my phone and dialed the township authorities. After relaying the details of the dangerous scene, the woman on the other end of the line assured me a maintenance crew was on their way to address the problem.
A few hours later I passed through the same intersection and was pleased to see not a single dangling wire in site. The crew had already been to the scene and had completed their work of fixing the downed cables and re-securing them in their rightful place. Thanks to the speedy work of the maintenance crew, order had been restored. Drivers were out of danger because every wire was returned to its safe and proper position suspended high above the street.
Ever since the scene of the downed wire I've taken note of roadside cables and cords. What I've seen has troubled me, ounce again compelling me to call for help. 
The danger I've seen is laying all across the landscape of my heart. The emotional cords and cables running along the pathways of my spirit are swaying precariously in the wind. The ravaging storm of sickness has caused my wires to droop and sage, crushing them with heavy weight of depression and despair. The precious, delicate cables connecting me to God are so greatly burdened by inescapable pain that they are on the verge of total and complete collapse. 
Observing the dangerous scene of my heart I can do nothing but cry out to God for help. I am desperately dialing His number, begging for His mighty maintenance crew to come quickly to my aid.
The voice on the other end of the line is one of sweet assurance. The Lord my God answers with soothing Words of peace and rest. In His love, He assures me that His maintenance crew is on the way to address my every pain and problem. He promises that His salvation is already enroute to the scene of my suffering. 
In His infinite power, God comes to my aid and fixes my every downed wire, restoring them back to their rightful, holy place. At the scene of my sorrow, God's healing hand lifts my sagging cords and droopy cables. He suspends my emotions above streets of trials and tribulations so that I can travel safely underneath. He re-secures my spirit to His perfect love and grace.
By the work of the Lord, my Heavenly Maintenance Crew, my every wire has been rescued, my every danger removed because I have been redeemed and restored to the everlasting source of God's infinite power and strength.

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