Friday, January 5, 2018

Skiing Retirement

I used to be a skier, a true lover of the outdoor sport. I loved the thrill of gliding along mountains of packed white powder. I found pleasure on the wide open slopes and hidden trails blanketed in crisp white snow. With polls in hand and goggles securely in place, I relished the wind whipping my face and even enjoyed frost's chilly kiss. As I whizzed past trees and across ice, I embraced the joy and thrill of adventure.
On top of snow covered mountains, buckled into my skis, I felt liberated and set free. By skiing I could escape my worries and troubles. I discovered that I could leave my cares and concerns on the wind swept mountain top and then ski away so fast they couldn't catch me. With my skis I found a way to cast off my burdens and claim carefree independence from their power.
But I don't ski anymore. I can't ski anymore. My body has forced me to go into early skiing retirement, keeping me from the sport I love, not to mention my favorite way to escape.
Being kept from the slopes has made me angry and sad. I miss the thrill of flying over jumps and carving my way through hidden trail. I miss the feeling of being carefree while sailing across the snow with the wind, and my worries, whipping at my back. I miss hopping on my skis, speeding away from my struggles and leaving my every care behind.
But I need not miss the feeling of freedom because my days of liberation are not over. On the slopes of God's grace, my independence can still be claimed because by His salvation I have been set forever free.
From the comfort of home I have discovered that God has made his mercy into a gloriously thrilling hill hidden within my heart. On the slopes carved out by His Holy Spirit, blanketed in His love, I am liberated from my cares and relieved of my worries. I no longer need a chair lift or a snowsuit to experience the freedom of escaping my troubles because God can set me free any time, in any place.
My skis are retired - at least for now - but God has never (and will never) retire His grace. The slopes of His merciful salvation are open wide and the powder is more glorious than the freshest fallen snow. It is at the top of Christ's holy mountain, covered in the pure white redemption of His perfect love, that I discover true liberation from my worries and everlasting freedom for my soul.

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