Sunday, August 20, 2017

Where credit is due

Are you trusting in ME, or are you trusting in your remedies?

I'm ashamed how long it took me to answer.
I could hear God's voice loud and clear but I did my best to plug my ears as I cursed the nausea that had suddenly returned to my belly. When the queasiness set in I immediately blamed a lull in my latest treatments, convinced that was the cause of my setback.

I told myself that it had been the remedy aiding and calming my volatile stomach. Those treatments were making me better me and without them I was falling apart...again....
But God's voice wouldn't keep quiet. When I tried to tune Him out, His voice became louder. As I laid on my side holding my aching stomach God's voice was so loud, so powerful that even with plugged ears I couldn't escape it.
When will you stop giving credit to the remedies and give credit where credit is due? I am the one who is I making you better. I am the one who is keeping you from falling apart. Not your remedies. Not your treatments. I alone am the one who is healing you.

Then He went silent and it was my turn to speak. With God's ear faithfully attune to my voice my heart broke before His throne in prayer.

Father God, Forgive me for relying on remedies and trusting in treatments...
...Forgive me for giving credit to herbs and homeopathic medicines...
...Forgive me for withholding from you the glory and the honor and the praise you are due...
 Because God,
You alone are worthy. 
You alone are my Healer.
 Every step of progress, every damage healed, every single victory over Lyme is Yours.
Yes God it is all Yours and Yours alone. 

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