Monday, August 28, 2017

Father, forgive me...

Father, forgive me, Your daughter, Your child.
Oh Lord, I am so sorry for pain I caused you in my disobedience and rebellion. Please Abba, forgive me for disregarding the care and protection you've shown me since I was a child. Forgive me for dishonoring the safety of honesty and denying your principles of righteousness. 

Father, I know I broke Your heart. With Your perfect love You created me and blessed me. With tenderness, gentleness and sweetness You knit me together beautifully, then looked and said, "Yes, this is good. She is good."You breathed the fullness of life into me, Your special creation. You, Lord, bestowed on me all of the bountiful, blessed gifts of being a woman created in the image of your Son.

Father, I am filled with shame as I look at what I did with those precious gifts. Shame convicts me when I look and see what I did to Your radiant gift of life woven into my very being and established by the work of Your hand. God, I mutilated it. I destroyed it. I dishonored it and discarded it as trash. 

Why Lord, did I rebel against You? 
Why did I flee from the protection of Your principles? 
Why did I choose sin over the safety of a life sanctified and surrendered to righteousness? 
Why did I trade your love and care for a lie? 

Father God, I was a fool, a treacherous, heartless, demonic fool. With every sinful, hurtful, foolish action, thought and deed I see the scars of where I hurt you. My recklessness and rebellion pierced you. I slapped you with my indifference and beat you with my deception. I was a fraud, a fake and a liar who treated Your commandments like dirty rags and mocked Your principles. 

Oh, Father God, forgive me! Forgive me and cleanse me of who I once was. Draw my eyes to visions of my past and let me see where I have gone wrong. Illuminate the places in need of repentance and forgiveness. Reveal to me every stain so I can deliver it to the foot of Christ's cross. 

Father, I do not deserve your mercy and I cannot merit your forgiveness. I have no justification for my sin and, yet, you have offered to remove it from my past. In perfect grace and inexhaustible pardons, You faithfully forgive me of every hurt I've caused you. 
Lord, you so beautifully, generously, lovingly welcome me back into Your arms and cover me with the cloak of Your glorious redemption.  

Oh, God, you are my good, glorious, gracious Father and I love you. 
Oh, Lord, how I love you and desire to live with you and for You all the rest of my days. 
May my repented, surrendered life bring honor to Your Holiness and glory to Your Great Name. 


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