Monday, August 21, 2017

Total Eclipse of the...

The world is all abuzz about today's historic total eclipse of the sun. As you can imagine, I have my own thoughts on the astronomic obsession taking the globe by storm. And since I have thoughts I imagined you might be curious to hear them because who wouldn't want to hear thoughts on astronomy from of an obscure young woman with no background in science or any relating field?
But don't worry. I'm not here to make a point about all of the hoopla you've been watching on TV. My point has nothing to do with the excitment transforming entire towns like the remote community of Madras in Oregon. The quiet town, population 7,000, welcomed over 93,000 visitors this week for the big event.
Nor do I intend to make any point at all the elaborate camps set up by these eclipse enthusiasts. Pop-up towns have been established all along the route of the famed path of totality. In fact, I don't even intend to discuss their portable hot plates or any of the supplies they've packed for the journey that might possibly be left over from Y2K.
Believe it or not, I don't even have much to say regarding the ISO safety compliant glasses recommended by optometrists and NASA to be worn when viewing the solar eclipse in all of its blazing glory.

The point I do intend to make is about a totally different eclipse.
The total eclipse of the SON.
This eclipse requires no travel, no specific destination and no special "Path of Totality" map.
The point I am here to make is that you don't need special glasses to see something special today. You don't even need to fear looking at the total eclipse of the true Son because fixing your eyes on his glory won't do damage to your retina.

The greatest, most life changing total eclipse is the one you feast your eyes on when you look up and into the face of the Son of God. That is when you step onto the true Path of Totality. It is before the throne of the Almighty, the one and only Holy God, that you witness the total eclipse of His beautiful Son.

So where goofy glasses or don't. Look up at the sky at noon or don't. But don't miss the total eclipse of the Son of God for He alone is the eternal light capable of illuminating every path. The Almighty Lord God is the very brightest light, visible to every set of eyes that will bow before His throne and look up into His glory. 

And there you have it, the totality of my thoughts on the total eclipse of the Son.

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