Sunday, February 5, 2017

I should be more like Tom Brady

I really should be more like Tom Brady.
Don't misunderstand, I don't think I should be suiting up for the football field any time soon. Can you imagine this small fry running across a field in shoulder pads, knee pads, thigh pads, a helmet and cleats? No? Me neither.
I also don't think I need to start studying up on the art of football by watching tape and sketching out game-winning plays. Sure, that's what Tom fills his 16 hour long days with when he's not on the field or in the gym but not me. I wouldn't have much use for the strategic plays and quarterbacking skills that Brady has spent his life perfecting.
I suppose I could be more like Tom Brady in my diet which would consist of only organic vegetables, free-range meats, poultry and fish, whole grains and no dairy. And did I mention, no coffee? I can go along with his sleep schedule - in bed by 8:30 PM and awake before 6 AM - but I'm keeping my coffee.
I wouldn't object to being like Tom Brady when it comes to marriage. I wouldn't object to a supermodel husband. Nor would I object to Tom's nice cushy bank account.
But that's not why I should be more like Tom Brady.
I should be more like Tom Brady in my dogged dedication to being a valuable player on God's team. I should be single-minded in my God-given purpose. Everything I do, every single decision I make, should be in pursuit of perfecting my Christ-likeness. I should make my focus resolute and unshakable. I should show up early to serve and stay late to learn. I should feast on the goodness of God's word and be sure to never miss a meal.
When it comes to practice and plays I should take a cue from the quarterback legend, Tom Brady. He remains, on and off season, Super Bowl ready. He doesn't take weeks off. He is always planning, always studying and always perfecting his skills.
Tom Brady has dedicated his life to a fleeting cause, just a silly game of sport. But God wants me to dedicate my life to something far more significant. God wants me to dedicate my life to His service. The Tom Brady qualities I'll need to be a valuable player on God's team will never be executed on a field or tallied in yards and touchdowns. They won't win a trophy here on earth. But they will lead to a glorious entrance into heaven.
In season and off, I should be steadfast and single-minded in determination to be a wholly surrendered servant of God. If I can put into practice the quarterback qualities of a football star for the glory of God I will one day see a sight more magnificent than the Vince Lombardi Trophy. I will see the golden gates of heaven and hear God say, "Well done, good and faithful servant."

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