Monday, February 6, 2017

An update on the home front

If you've read Pippy Love for any length of time, or even just a post or two, you've probably recognized a pattern. The writings you'll find here are usually born out of commonplace, everyday observation. The messages are rooted in the mundane. The stories bring everlasting, eternal truths to life in the most ordinary ways. That's Pippy Love and if you happen to stumble upon this blog as a matter of happenstance I invite you to stick around and explore. And if you pointed and clicked here on purpose, thank you and please do come back again.
For those who clicked on purpose and have clicked routinely, there is a chance you have read a post or two about my personal life and my journey with sickness and attempts at regain my health. When I started writing this blog back in November of 2011 I had already had my first go-round with mystery illness but I was in a period of what I would come to realize was remission. At the birth of Pippy Love I thought I was miraculously cured. My greatest challenge at that time in my history was house breaking a puppy. Little did I know that the curtain of my health saga was about to rise for its second act. Six years later that curtain has yet to fall. The story, the drama of a diseased body, continues.
Thankfully Pippy, and now Molly, are house broken. Flip flops are still doomed if left on the floor thanks to Molly who I'm convinced must be part billy goat. Other than the occasional doggie mischief, the dog days of puppy parenthood are far behind me. Of course my beloved Schnoodles still supply me with plenty of life lessons, they just don't take the shape of puddles on the living room floor.
When I embarked on this Pippy Love journey I had visions of a book full of doggie stories about life with a furry companion. My furry companion has not disappointed. Pippy has been more precious to me than I could ever imagined when she entered my life in 2011. But the journey I had envisioned ended up taking turns I never imagined and certainly didn't plan.
In the past six years I have traveled coast to coast to visit doctors and specialists. I've had all sorts of testing, from the traditional to the downright wacky. I've purchased more supplements than I could ever count or would ever want to! I've moved to different towns and different states. I've tried so many therapies, each one rich in promises of physical restoration. I've tried everything and I've tried nothing.
No matter what I've tried the result has always been the same. Progressive physical decline and another treatment option to cross off the list.
Six years in and the curtain on my health saga hasn't fallen. The show goes on.
Here on Pippy Love I have more regularly chronicled what I've learned during this show than what I've experienced and today is no exception. Yes, this is an update. I'm home, back where this whole show began, and tomorrow I'm going back to the very first doctor I ever visited. But that isn't the point of this post. That reality is simply the backdrop to what is happening center stage.
On the home front of my heart a much more captivating show is taking shape. God is writing a story with my heart and soul that can't be captured in snap shots of my suffering. In my best of writing I would never be able to convey the greatness of the script God has penned in the depths of my life during these past six years. I've tried to convey it here on Pippy Love but my attempts are feeble. God's story is too good, too unbelievable, too awe-inspiring for my vocabulary. He has taken six years that could have caused me to self-destruct and fall into a pit of despair and turned them into the best years of my life.
The best years of my spiritual life.
He has taken the plans and visions I had for my life, even for this very post, and tossed them out the window so He could rewrite the script. I haven't always wanted to let Him take the pen and I've tried my hardest to hide the paper but He's won every time.
And I'm so glad He has.
Today I am here back on the home front, back at the beginning, and God has the pen. There have been twists in this story that I barely even remember. There have been so many plots and characters and scenes that my memory can't contain them all. But they have all been wonderful because they have led me here. They've led me right back home to the heart of God.
Pippy Love has not turned out the way I thought it would. It has turned out infinitely better and so has my life. All thanks and glory is due to God because this is His story written with His pen, in His hand on His paper and I'm not ready for the end.
So carry on Pippy Love. Carry on.


  1. I sit here in tears as I read another heart stirring message so beautifully expressed. I am thrilled and blessed by your gift of communicating these deep truths. I am beginning to sense an understanding of His purpose in your young life. Keep your heart and spirit open so He can continue his work in you and through you.

    1. Lu, I am so blessed by your encouragement. You are such a wonderful writer and speaker yourself that I am honored that you faithfully read Pippy Love. I pray that I will always listen to God and write when He tells me to write, what He tells me to write! This is all about Him.