Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The card on the cross

"Love: Juju."
That simple salutation made my heart melt. Cards colored with love by little children’s hands have a way of producing that kind of emotion in sentimental recipients. On the outside of the hand made yellow paper card was a large pink decorated Easter egg drawing along side a "Happy Easter" greeting. But it was the love inside of the card that put a lump in my throat.
My Easter card came hand delivered from the three-year-old hands of Juliette, my pint-sized niece with bouncy blonde hair, boundless energy and a contagious smile. From my back row seat during the Easter morning church service, when the sermon was nearing its conclusion, I heard the door behind me open up followed by a scurry of little feet. A moment later Juju was at my side presenting me with her card created specially for me.
"I told her she could choose one person and write them a card for Easter," her older sister said. "And she choose you." 
Out of all the people in our family - her Mom, Dad, Grandparents and seven siblings - she chose me. Tears formed in the corners of my eyes. Love overwhelmed me. I gripped her card tightly in my hands, vowing to keep it forever. 
As I looked up from Juju's card my eyes landed on the cross. That Easter morning on that empty cross I saw a message penned just for me, signed by the blood of Christ and it read "Love: Jesus." 
God's love for me, a love that cannot be measured, was poured out for me on that cross. God choose to love me, flaws and all. While I was a sinner, separated from Him by my rebellion and blatant disobedience, God choose to send a rescue mission to save me and His name was Jesus. God chose to send His message of eternal love in the baby in the manger who would one day go to the cross as my Savior.

The one universal desire of all mankind is to be known for who we are, imperfections, flaws and shortcomings, and to be loved in spite of them. On the cross of Christ that love is found. The card that shares unmerited, unending love is signed by the precious Redeemer and King, Jesus. While I was still a sinner, while you were still separated from God, Jesus said, “I love you” and delivered the card with each of our names upon it.

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