Sunday, March 20, 2016

Bunny blessings

I stood at the kitchen sink, looking out the window upon the vibrant green lawn illuminated by the early morning sun, the dew upon the blades of grass still fresh causing the landscape to appear as sparkling glass. My mind was transfixed by the simple beauty of day break when, out of the corner of my eye, I caught movement beneath a pine tree out on the perimeter of the yard. A moment later two small wild rabbits emerged.
The pair of bushy-tailed bunnies lingered beneath the branches of the trees before one of the cottontails began jumping and hoping with delight. The rambunctious rabbit scampered around his companion, taking an occasional leap towards the sky. He bolted one direction, did a little mid-air jump and then scurried back towards the pine trees. He ran around the stumps of the trees with a spring in his little rabbit steps. Then he went dashing back to his bunny companion who had yet to join in the fun.
From my perch at the window I wondered if the second bunny was hurt. That little rabbit wasn't running, jumping or leaping like the other bunny. I anxiously watched, waiting for a sign of movement that would put my concerns to rest.
The first bunny, full of vigor and life, went back to his lethargic friend with a burst of energy. He jumped in circles right around the idle rabbit, practically willing the tired hare to hop to it. In my vivid imagination I pictured the boisterous bunny encouraging his friend, "Just try a little leap in the air! It'll be fun! See, look how I'm doing it. Just spring straight up like this!"
It took a little convincing but the still, motionless rabbit began to move. First he hopped a few steps towards the trees, his furry friend right behind. Then he hopped a few circles around a tree stump. Before too long he was dashing about, jumping over his friend, leaping straight up into the sky in tandem with the first rabbit. The two rolled about, scampered in unison and chased each other across the yard. It was a scene of pure joy.
I can't help but believe that the second bunny was thankful for the persistence and prodding of his bunny friend. To think he could have missed out on the early morning frolicking fun! But his companion wouldn't relent. He knew that his lazy bunny buddy just needed some more encouragement and coaxing to wake up to the enjoyment he could be having if only he would take a romp around the yard.
Alone at the kitchen sink a smile spread across my face. Oh, God, how good you are to me. I had not realized that Jesus has been doing frolicking of His own in circles all around my life, urging me to join Him in His kind of fun, the best kind of fun. Jesus has been displaying His power and peace to show me what I'd been missing.
As I watched the reluctant rabbit become a rambunctious, full hearted participant in the fun, I saw Christ's offer of boundless, endless joy that could be mine if only I'd join in His energetic, full life. If I jump when he jumps and scamper in unison alongside my Companion and Lord, I too will come to enjoy a life full of glee and delight.
In Christ is true life, limitless joy and the very best kind of fun. I know because the bunnies showed me so.

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