Thursday, March 17, 2016

A sailor and a singer

He was a sailor in search of his perfect mooring. She was a singer seeking an accompanist to join in her tune. They were both looking for companionship, a friend to share their later years of life.
Keith and Lorraine had a lot in common when they met in their early seventies. Both were widowed. Both had welcomed five children into the world. Both turned, with hesitation and trepidation, to in, what they believed, would be a futile attempt at finding companionship.
Lorraine likes to say she messaged Keith first but, Keith, being the gentleman he is, always sets the record straight. "No, no, I saw you first!" he always insists. Lorraine just smiles and rolls her eyes. They interact like lifelong soul mates.
They both agree that Keith asked Lorraine to meet face-to-face over a cup of coffee at Eat-n-Park. She agreed and as they exchanged preferences, interests, likes and dislikes they discovered that they were a perfect match. They had nearly everything in common. The rest, as they say, is history. The two have been inseparable ever since, sharing copious amounts of coffee and countless hours of easy, comfortable conversation.
Now-a-days Keith and Lorraine are regulars at my local coffee shop. They come in every afternoon around two, take up a seat by the window and chat for hours. Some days they barely seem to talk at all. That's the beauty of their relationship. They can talk without barely stopping to take a breath or they can just sit in the silence of each other's presence. As long as they are together they are content. It is the being there that is important.
Keith and Lorraine each went looking for  a companion with whom they could enjoy a slice of life. They didn't make demands or grand plans. All they wanted was a friend. And they found it. They turned on their computers, took a few clicks and a big leap of faith and were shocked to find just what they were looking for.
The story of Keith and Lorraine isn't an advertisement for nor is it a recommendation on how to find a friend or a husband. None of us needs a computer to find companionship. All it takes is a Bible and a prayer. Finding someone to share life with is as simple as turning to our one perfect match, the Lord Jesus Christ.
The greatest longing of our hearts for intimate relationship, constant companionship and faithful fellowship is fulfilled in God's presence. We can seek it by turning to God anytime and anywhere, sharing with Him the deepest longings of our hearts, our tightly held secrets and even our utter silence. Jesus Christ is truly our perfect mooring and flawless accompaniment to our every song.

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