Friday, March 11, 2016

A trip to Lincoln Metal

Every afternoon Steve pedals his way across busy, four lane highways and treacherous pothole-laden roads to make his daily delivery to Lincoln Metal, the local drive-thru recycling center. Steve arrives on his specially designed tricycle fully equipped with a heavy trailer designed to haul the scrap he collects from businesses around town. He customized the bike himself and does all his own repairs when it breaks down. In winter he fits the bicycle with "snow" tires.
That's right, winter. Steve rides that bike through every imaginable weather condition. Snow, sleet, rain, hail, wind, negative temperatures and record heat. I've seen Steve brave all sorts of inclement weather.
On his trek around town Steve has been screamed at from mean-spirited teens driving too fast, blasting music too loud. On rainy days Steve is drenched from head to toe thanks to the combination of rain falling from overhead and an abundance of puddles splattering his feet and legs with dirty water and mud. Come winter he layers up in thick workman's canvas coat and pants making his load even heavier and more cumbersome.
But nothing, not weather or ridicule or trying road conditions, can stop Steve from fulfilling his duty. His job is to collect metal and deliver it to the scrap yard and everyday, come what may, Steve fulfills that obligation.
I've been blessed to witness Steve go about his work each afternoon. As he pedals his tricycle Steve shows the world what it means to be dedicated, tenacious and determined. He has made the decision to remain faithful to his duty and he refuses to allow obstacles to deter his daily mission.
I want to be like Steve. I want to wake up every day compelled to serve God in all circumstances. Come hell or high water, the desire of my heart is to fulfill the commission I have from the Lord to glorify Him in all I do and honor Him with my every breath.
Steve has displayed a picture of faithfulness to duty in all circumstances and in all conditions. May I be so dedicated to Christ and so committed to the cross that I, too, live in such a way that I am absolutely surrendered and unwavering in obedience no matter what obstacles come my way.

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