Friday, March 25, 2016

Snow in spring

Spring has sprung.
Tell that to the snow.
Days after the official start of spring a snow flurry passed by my window. And then another. And then another. I rubbed my eyes to make sure I was seeing straight but, to my dismay, my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. Freezing precipitation in the form of big white flakes were indeed cascading down from the sky, landing on my car's windshield.
Irrational annoyance immediately followed. All December long I had wanted to see snow for the Christmas season but, alas, it was a brown Christmas. Now all I wanted was to put away my furry boots, heavy coat and fuzzy hat but the never-ending snow and freezing temperatures keep forcing me to bundle up.
The weather is playing tricks on me. It isn't the way it is supposed to be; the way I expect it to be. I believe that Christmases are meant to be white and springs are supposed to bring sunshine. I've always believed that April brings showers that will turn into May flowers. But somehow the skies didn't get the memo.
Call it infantile, call it juvinille, call it absurd but I am am downright angry at the snow that shouldn't come in spring.
Driving down the road I reluctantly turned on my whipper blades that pushed the white dusting away from the glass, giving me a clearer view of the road and of my silly atmospheric irritation. So, the forecast isn't what I think it ought to be; who am I to say when it should snow or when it should rain? Who am I to dictate the sunshine or dismiss the clouds? Why should God be stopped from rearranging the seasons? His thoughts aren't my thoughts and His ways aren't my ways - not even His weather ways.
The snow that came on that spring day reminded me that God has His own agenda and I am simply along for the ride. I am along for the crazy, the confusing, the unpredictable and the utterly fabulous twists and turns. Traveling down God's road I get to experience the trying conditions of a winter blizzard, the random snow flakes in spring and even the blazing heat of an August afternoon. He exposes me to all the elements, showing me just how diverse He is in His creation and His plan.
With the unexpected and unwanted snow flakes in spring came a fundamental lesson of God's providence: He doesn't work the way I want Him to, He works the way I need Him to in order that I am prepared and readied for Heaven. He wants me alert and keen, able to stay stead and strong in the face of difficulties. He desires my attentive following that is unwavering in focus on Him even when things in my world go topsy-turvy and the seasons get all twisted.
One day I will get to Heaven and all will be set right. Snow will only fall at the perfect moment. All of the trials and tribulations I faced on this earth will be distant memories, only serving as reminders of God's steadfast faithfulness. Until then I'm going to put on my windshield whippers so I can see God's glorious plan more clearly. I'm going to enjoy this wild and crazy, unexpected, and unpredictable ride because it only happens once and if I don't pay attention I might miss out on how beautiful snow can be in spring.

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