Monday, May 16, 2016

Light in my darkness

In my second floor bedroom is a window that faces east. Every morning I rise up from my sleep and look out that window and silently welcome the day ahead. During the long, cold, dark winter months that welcome comes with an exasperated sigh sent out to a black night sky. But then spring comes and so does morning light. By May the sun and I are right on schedule, greeting each other good morning at precisely the moment we both arise for the day.
During spring and summer the sun and I are perfectly synchronized, making for a much more enjoyable morning greeting. The sun peeks through the tops of the trees and casts rays of brilliant light through the leaves. Gazing out my eastward facing window I have a perfect view of the colorful streaks painted across the sky. The radiance illuminates my room and fills me with overwhelming truth and life giving light. This morning window ritual is more than a pleasant view or pretty scene. My time at the window provides an infusion of strength and fortitude. Those moments at the window are a sunrise on my spirit. The Lord's face shines down upon me, invigorating my soul and energizing my heart.
As I step away from the window, I am filled with renewed courage rooted in the power of the God who has shined a light into my darkness. No matter what lies ahead or what unforeseen challenges I may encounter as I move throughout my day, I will take them on filled with the overcoming life of Christ.
Since the moment Jesus Christ broke into my heart with His overwhelming light of life I have never walked a single day in darkness. I was walking in the pitch black, stumbling for each step until my eyes were turned to the light. The one true, eternal light of Christ.
The sunrise view from my second floor window reminds me each morning that the same light that saved me from my spiritual darkness when I was lost to sin is still illuminating my heart and my life. Every morning I get to choose to let the rays of God's goodness envelope my soul and fill me with His spirit. Every morning I have the blessing of a brilliant and beautiful spiritual sunrise.
And, guess what?  So do you.

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