Sunday, May 1, 2016

Life in my everyday rainforest

As I walked the dogs this morning I fantasized that I was traversing a fairytale rainforest. It wasn't difficult to envision given the dense fog and persistent mist that was hanging in the air. A blanket of low clouds have settled over Northern Pennsylvania and with it high humidity and drizzling rains.
To picture a rainforest only felt natural. I could easily imagine orchids and thick stalks of bamboo where tulips bloomed. In the place of Maple trees I saw rubber trees and palm trees. I imagined walking right up to a lush banana tree and picking off a cluster of its rich, vibrant fruit. I wiggled my toes and imagined they were walking on moss and fragrant soil. With every light drop of water that caressed my faced I drew further into the rainforest of my mind's design.
Dense leaves. A hanging sloth. The croaking of a frog and the call of a toucan in the distance. My short walk through my suburban neighborhood was transformed into a journey through a natural oasis.
When I returned home after my short walk that lasted only a few blocks I realized my time in the rainforest wasn't over. In fact, I live in a perpetual rainforest of a entirely different ecology and composition. I live in God's rainforest of blessings. He is perpetually, without ceasing, showering down on me goodness. Every morning His mercies are new and His grace is abundant. Instead of the steady stream of mist in the physical rainforest of the Amazon, God pours out the richness of His love in a steady stream that is unyielding and unending. He fills my life with the beauty of His creation. From the people He has put along my path to the plants He has cultivated in my yard, God has made me a rich and vibrant land in which I can thrive.
Every day, rain or shine, my world is a rainforest. I am being drenched in the blessings and love of God. He is surrounding me with a fog of His grace and a haze that can only be described as heavenly. Call it living in a fantasy or escaping to fairytale land, I call it everlasting and eternal. The blessing of God is that each and every morning that I wake up I have the the joy and the adventure of living in the most enchanting rainforest.
God has created for me a rainforest of blessings and I don't even have to go to the Congo to experience it.

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