Wednesday, May 18, 2016

If I were an animal....

"If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be?"
It is the question that interviewees dread and interviewers relish. The chosen animal persona is, in theory, a window into the soul of the candidate. Will they choose an animal that displays leadership and courage? Will the interviewee opt for an animal known for their loyalty and love? Or will they look utterly flummoxed by the seemingly irrelevant question? Deep down the interviewer is probably secretly hoping for the latter. Stump the nervously sweating job seeker with a completely silly question that has nothing to do with any job field - unless the interview is taking place at a zoo.
I can picture myself in such an uncomfortable scenario, unprepared for the animal inquiry. Chances are my reaction would have been that of the dumbfounded interviewee staring blankly at my questioner, wondering what possible relevance my animal persona could have in an all-human job field? In a moment of panic I would have chosen a rabbit, bringing an abrupt end to the interview. Why a rabbit, you may ask? The interviewer would have asked that same question and I would have stumbled over a few sets of umm's and ahh's before saying, "They're cute and don't bark." Can you say, "Future CEO?" 
Thankfully no one has ever asked me what kind of animal I would be if I were an animal. But just in case the question ever comes up, I've come up with my answer. 
I'd be a song bird. 
Okay, so maybe song bird doesn't scream "Future CEO" any more than a bushy tailed cottontail but I'm not vying for the biggest office or the position of chief in any office. I don't need to be a lion who displays independence and courage or an elephant with big brains. And too many jokes could be made if I chose an ant. Not that there is anything wrong with an ant. They are hard workers, team players and masters at finding food. Have you ever seen a couple of ants carrying a huge chunk of bread? Impressive little buggers!
I'd choose a song bird because in their feathered lives they embody the spirit and soul I hope to personify in my human life. Song birds rise every morning to greet the day with excitement and delight. They chirp and sing melodies of joy, come rain or shine. 
Song birds can sing alone or can sing in a duo, trio or even a choir. When they sing as a solo the music is just as beautiful as a tree full of feathered vocalists singing in unison. The notes are always perfect. The pitch is never off. And there is always a lightness, brightness and happiness in the tune. 
I want to be a song bird. I want to wake up every morning singing a song of joyous praise to the Lord on high. Come rain or shine, good days or bad, I desire to display the heart of the song bird who keeps singing tunes of thanksgiving. 
The song bird is a delicate animal with a strength of spirit that is resilient, steadfast and dedicated. They are small but they are mighty in grace. They are delicately feathered but fierce in joy.
When I get to Heaven if God puts on His interviewer cap and asks, "If you were an animal, what kind would you be?" I'll have my answer ready. I'll tell Him, "God, I'd be a song bird so I can sing endless praises of thanksgiving to you!"

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