Thursday, February 27, 2014

God is God

The FDA is considering whether or not to allow "3-parent babies." The fact that this is even a consideration is troubling to say the least.
Proponents of 3-parent babies claim that this "technique" for having children would reduce disease. Opponents argue that this would lead to designer babies and could bring with it a host of unintended genetic abnormalities. There is an even greater debate over whether or not one potential child is sacrificed by the destruction of a healthy embryo. Essentially, one egg is cannibalized to be added to another egg which is then fertilized. That is a very broad explanation to say the least.
For me, I don't need a big, long, technical explanation of the procedure to know where I stand on the issue. This is appalling and a sad commentary on the state of the human condition. Doctors are all too willing to play God and the public is all too willing to praise them for their efforts.
Hey, doc, I've got a news flash for you. You are not God. God is God. It is not your job to manufacture life and it isn't your right to terminate life. Who will be born isn't a matter for your test tube. Life is not your judgement call.
God alone is the author and creator of life. He has made the perfect design for how life is to be created. One man, one woman. He has given some women the burden of infertility. But He has given them the opportunity to experience the blessing of adoption. He has created some men and women for lives of singleness, giving them ample time to spend serving His kingdom. Not every individual will be designed for parenthood. Some have a different path plotted out for them. That path isn't to be decided by an OBGYN or a pharmacist separating pills into little bottles. The giver of life sits in heaven.
This fallen world that we live in wants to play God at every turn. The womb is just the start. Some want to end life before it ever gets the chance to take its first breath. Others want to go under the knife, inject chemicals and play with science to create life where God didn't plant it. Both push God out of the way, attempting to override His ownership and kingship.
Our lives are not our own. They are God's. From conception all the way to our deathbeds, God knits us together and numbers our days. The role of deciding who should live, who should die and how many parents should be involved is not for the human mind to reason, manipulate and manufacture. God, the master creator, who shaped and formed Adam and Eve is still the producer of life. He gives life and He takes it away.
The FDA isn't God. Your family doctor isn't God. The world renowned scientist isn't God.
God is God, no matter how far our society falls away. God remains on His throne even when the nations fall away and when they seek to dethrone Him. God, the mighty King and author of life, cannot be overcome.

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